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11 of the Best Digital Agencies That are Acing Social Media Management

2 March, 2019
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Veronika Vebere

No intro, take me straight to digital agencies

Great things happen when we collaborate. Consider this: the Inca Empire was thought to be the largest in the pre-Columbian America. Despite lacking many features associated with civilization at the time, they saw unbelievable economic growth due to their ability to collaborate with one another.

So, instead of competing for your manager's or client's praise, why not put your head together with your team members and create something that even competing agencies and brands haven't thought to do.

In this blog, we highlight digital agencies that didn't just get the social media of their clients right, they are incredibly good at it for their own too. From all across the globe, we have 11 examples of good social media management any agency can aspire to and learn from.

Truly outstanding work is created through group effort and teamwork.


11 digital agencies acing social media


One of UK's best, serving clients like Audi, BBC, Nike and Starbucks, this digital agency means business with their campaigns while keeping their social media channels rather minimalist. But this hasn't stood in the way of them gathering a large following on their channels - 100,000 followers on LinkedIn and over 61,000 on Facebook and Instagram.


Expertly designed. Beautifully crafted. #LiveInLevis

A post shared by AKQA (@akqa) on

Each feed is filled with high-quality images and videos of their most recent work in an engaging way. Their profile bio is particularly gripping and instantly makes an effect:

The imaginative application of art and science to create beautiful ideas, products, and services.


2. Critical Mass

This full-service agency takes pride in their work, especially their heritage spanning over two decades. With twelve offices around the globe and 950 employees, the agency creates content for brands like Nissan, Adidas and Converse and keeps things fun.

Critical Mass created a Facebook Live stream of puppies at the same time as the inauguration of Donald Trump as the President of the United States.

Its social media channels, especially Instagram, provide a constant flow of bold images of their most recent work, including photos that give a glimpse into their company culture. Critical Mass isn't afraid to share designs by others they find inspiring and that's something we could all learn from.


Love the design of the Stillhouse Moonshine bottle (well...tin). Tastes pretty good too. @stillhouseusa #stillhouse #moonshine

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3. Deloitte Digital

Yes, you read right! Deloitte Digital is a full-service digital consultancy and is part of Deloitte. The agency's most recent work is quite heavily connected to e-commerce sites and apps for big clients like John Lewis, TFL (Transport for London) and Adobe.

Deloitte Digital consultancy focuses on sharing useful, thought-provoking content on social media and cater for different audiences on Twitter by having multiple Twitter accounts.

It comes as no surprise that thought leadership and content curation are the primary focus on its social media channels. Take note that a coherent brand image and voice are crucial for brand building on social media and Deloitte Digital does it well on all of their accounts.


4. Fantasy Interactive

Fantasy has a long list of impressive clients and projects, and even though most are for product UI and UX, it knows a thing about social too. Have you been to Facebook's Brand Resource Center? Well, Fantasy Interactive created it.

On social media, this agency has opted for keeping appearances only on two channels - Twitter and LinkedIn, both sporting over 20,000 followers. Posts include anything from updates from the office, to checking in at events and of course, their work. In short, Fantasy Interactive keep it casual and it works.

Fantasy Interactive is still independently owned, showing that world-class work can be done without external funding.

Growth and recognition are achievable without external funding. Simply find your niche and go after it - full speed ahead.


5. Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media loves data and it shows throughout their work and social media channels. From useful blog posts about web conversion rates to articles on content mastery, this agency makes an effort to teach about their craft.

With three physical locations in the US and a reputable client base, this agency sports an impressive portfolio including NASA, AT&T, P&G, CANON and NFL.

Creating unique images and videos for social media posts is a good habit to create, especially if you have data to visualize. Stock images can get a bit boring and if you plan to create a lot of content, it's well worth the investment. If resources are low and you can’t afford to create unique graphics, make sure that all social media images are optimized for each channel.


6. 360i

Curiosity and creativity are at the core of this agency's philosophy and it aims to be disruptive in the industry. 360i takes the time to develop different types of posts for each social media platform out there. The agency

Social media posts should always be a healthy mix of informational and promotional content. Look to the 80/20 rule and post four non-promotional messages for every promotional one. This agency posts about:

  1. Upcoming events to engage the audience and invite them to stay current and relevant.
  2. Employees and giving back to the community to create a more personal approach.
  3. Interesting articles related to the marketing industry - to educate and share their expertise.
  4. Its most recent work and award nominations.


7. Forsman & Bodenfors (F&B)

This award-winning advertising agency powers marketing campaigns for global audiences and keeps close to its Swedish roots. Their most striking and recent work is for Volvo Cars, H&M and Coop. On social media, the agency shares short videos of their creations, news about their nominations and photos from award ceremonies.

According to last year’s Gunn report on Campaign Live, Forsman & Bodenfors were the fifth most awarded agency in the world in 2016.

Much of F&B's client base is Swedish and it’s proud to appeal to a local audience by adding hashtags in Swedish or in some cases, whole posts. The engagement rate is high and the local approach to content is definitely a contributing factor.


8. 22Squared

Another independently-owned digital agency reaching for the skies! With two offices and 350 employees, this award-winning agency has partnered with the likes of Baskin-Robbins, Dunkin’ Donuts, The Home Depot and Southeast Toyota. For the latter, they made a series of ads, including influencer video content.

The company culture of this agency shines through every post they publish on social media. From employee success in their spare time to their campaigns and support for charities.

On social media, 22Squared highlights achievements of employees, helps with charity work and shows their support for their local Atlanta Falcons NFL franchise. All these posts keep things fun and light while keeping in line with their company culture, and that’s a good way to create engagement. Getting crafty with your logo is another lesson learned from this agency, maybe it’s worth a try?


9. DigitasLBi

Part of Publicis.Sapient, DigitasLBi is a marketing and technology agency with over 40 offices worldwide. It has worked with Nissan, Sony, eBay and American Express just to name a few. Remember the Taco Bell Blackout campaign to promote its new app? DigitasLBi created it.

Just 24 hours after launch, 75% of all [Taco Bell] stores had processed a mobile order.  And after three days, Taco Bell had two billion earned impressions.

An agency of this size is almost obliged to keep up appearances on social media. DigitasLBi has to done well, especially on Twitter. Both, the @DigitasLBi_UK and @Digitas (US) accounts post unique content to appeal to different audiences. As many other agencies, they highlight the success of their teams and collaborations, and we can all learn a thing or two about the way they cover events.


10. Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (GS&P)

Since 1983, GS&P has received 57 Effie awards for 38 different clients for their distinctive and effective work. Some of its recent clients include Adobe, Cisco, Sonic and Princess Cruises.

Engaging with clients and the industry is key to creating a good social media presence.

On social media, GS&P keeps its fingers on the pulse of what's happening in the advertising and marketing industry. It also puts an emphasis on how their work is changing the way people interact with products. Goodby does a good job at monitoring brand mentions and sharing those messages on Facebook and Twitter. Great self-promotion that’s not pushy at all.


11. Leo Burnett Worldwide

Founded in 1935, Leo Burnett Worldwide is one of the world's largest and influential agency networks in the world. To date, it has worked with some of the biggest brands and has 85 offices and more than 8,000 employees.

Leo Burnett works with high-profile brands like McDonald's, Fiat, KraftHeinz, Coca-Cola, Samsung among others.

Sporting thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook, and over a quarter of a million on LinkedIn, Leo Burnett certainly has a big following on all key social media networks. On its channels, the agency celebrates the launch of client campaigns but also shows its support for matters outside the marketing world to express solidarity.


Summing up

All digital agencies on this list have outstanding portfolios and each one has decided on a specific approach to managing their own social media. Lean on them for inspiration but find your own style to create an engaged following that will help you show your work and services to the world.

If all of this fantastic creative work has inspired to start your own social media marketing agency, you can take a look at our step-by-step guide to doing so. It includes tips on everything, from how to choose a niche, to advice on maintaining a good work-life balance.

Is there an agency that we missed that you look up to? Please share its details in the comment section below.

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