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Maximise productivity and ROI


By automating the process of branding your posts with prepopulated multiple tags, Sendible enhances efficiency, saving both time and resources. 

Say goodbye to manually copy-pasting URLs, hashtags, CTAs and embrace a streamlined solution of tagging content that boosts productivity, engagement, and ROI.


Sendible has allowed me to grow my customer base because I have more time to dedicate to managing their content.

Adrienne Wilkins, Founder @ Sphere Media Marketing


Boost the impact of sales and campaigns


Do you want to drive traffic to the same page from multiple locations and social media profiles? Enter content tagging.

Eliminate mishaps, such as sharing the wrong link or code because you've been too focused on translating or customising copy to capture the attention of local audiences. Add a predefined tag, and rest assured all your campaigns will run smoothly.

Keep track of your success with our Reporting Hub .


Effortless on-brand customisation at scale


Tailor content effortlessly across numerous pages, saving time and resources while ensuring consistency and relevance for every audience by adding a predefined tag.


With Sendible, you transform your content strategy and elevate your brand's online presence by streamlining customisation across multiple locations with ease.


With native platforms, the approval process was unbelievably painful and we couldn't handle the volume we are handling now without such a tool as Sendible.

Rolf Jeger, Agency Director @ VOIMA


Cohesive brand experience for each profile

sendible user permissions and custom tiers

Maintain brand consistency while catering to the unique needs of each location.


Custom tags are an ideal solution for agencies, franchises and multi-location businesses, as they enable them to create branded content that resonates with their unique audience and local context while maintaining brand standards.

Take your multi-location brand to the next level.


Streamlined content management


Enhance agency workflows by efficiently managing content across all client locations.

Ensure consistency and personalisation by utilising Sendible's agency-friendly bulk tagging capabilities. Boost productivity and client satisfaction by ensuring brand consistency and promotion.

Explore all the possibilities of our agency solutions.


Enhance localised community engagement


Deepen connections with local communities and audiences by tailoring content and engagement efforts to each franchise location while staying on brand.

Content tagging with predefined fields helps you ensure you're sharing the right information while engaging local communities authentically and effectively.

More awesome features.

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Create engaging designs for platforms like Instagram within Sendible and access all pre-made visuals with a Canva Pro subscription.

Image Editor

Use our built-in editor to crop and optimise your images to suit each social media platform's ratio requirements.

RSS Feeds

Follow your trusted RSS feeds and publish relevant quality content to social networks at regular intervals throughout the day or as and when new articles are published.

Bulk Importing

It can make more sense to plan your content in bulk. Quickly prepare and import a CSV file or create posts in bulk directly in your dashboard.

Content Suggestions

Browse through 300+ content ideas ready to be drafted and published with images already attached right from your dashboard.

Media Integrations

Source fun, royalty-free content with GIPHY and Pexels to engage your audience. Access existing content with our DropBox and Google Drive integrations.

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