Our mission is to help agencies amplify their clients’ stories to make them successful

Social media marketing is more challenging than ever, and it’s changing

People are spoilt for choice. There’s simply more content available - authentic, fake, entertaining, personal or branded, and that’s before we get into what your client’s competitors are up to.

To add to that, people’s attention spans are shrinking. They no longer have patience for poor online experiences. Their eyes are trained to spot overly promotional content, making it harder and harder to break through to your client’s audience.

Therefore, the only way to stand out is to build an audience through authentic storytelling

Social media is all about building a strong community. It has to be a place your client’s audience want to come back to. 

Gone are the days of using social as a distribution channel where posting the same message across all channels delivered results.

You need to create engaging content that can be scanned amidst incessant interruptions and daily distractions, but when pieced together over time, delivers a brand’s story in a valuable and meaningful way.

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At Sendible, we're building a place where agencies can work closely with their clients and breathe life into their brands

Imagine a reality where there’s so little admin, you have ample time to service your clients and grow your agency the way you see fit.

You already know what’s needed to succeed on social media: stellar content, captivating storytelling, audience engagement and meaningful analytics, unified by a well-defined strategy.

And all you need is time and the right tools to get you there.

Sendible mission statement at the office

For brands to be successful on social media…

“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.”

Our goal is to help agency owners and marketers breathe life into brands and truly make an impact on social media. By providing tools that help them collaborate more closely with clients, they can dedicate more time to create authentic stories and build stronger brands.

We love learning and sharing our discoveries with each other and our customers. We value diversity and fresh perspectives. We believe that everything is a hypothesis until proven wrong.

Unpretentious and honest, we are aware of our shortcomings and strengths. We say what we think, give direct feedback and avoid complicated, jargon-filled marketing language.

We walk alongside agency owners on their journey, supporting them every step of the way and making them the heroes of our story. It’s our goal to empower agency owners to source, craft and share their client’s stories.

We do whatever it takes to empower our customers to be successful. This extends beyond our product. With everything we do, we strive to help our customers achieve their goals.

Meet our team

By empowering agency owners and marketers, we can build innovative tools for social media marketing and management. And it wouldn’t be possible without our team.