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Hit the ground running with a full demo or short video overviews showing you how to make the most of your social media management with Sendible.

Full demo overview

Get started with Sendible

Sendible Dashboard

Explore the Sendible dashboard

Get ramped up in less than 2 mins with an overview of your dashboard and scheduling features including post previews.

Sendible Dashboard

Using Instagram with Sendible

Start scheduling Instagram posts, image carousels, Reels, and Stories.

Sendible Dashboard

Connect your social profiles 

Set up Sendible to post directly onto your social media platforms and pull in comment streams so you can monitor engagement.

Using Videos on Sendible

Using Videos on Sendible

Get started with scheduling video content across your social media with Sendible.

Sendible Dashboard

Meet the Smart Compose Box

Tailor posts to match every platform by customising copy, adding tags, using our built-in image editor, and more. 

Using TikTok on Sendible

Auto-posting to TikTok

Schedule and directly publish TikTok videos through Sendible with customisation like choosing a thumbnail.

Team and client collaboration

Sendible Dashboard

Create and manage users

Learn how to set your team up for success while managing client dashboards, content, and reports.

Client Connect

Client Connect

Allow your clients to connect their social media accounts to Sendible without having to share login details.

Sendible Dashboard

Share profiles with team members and clients

Maximise your profiles allotment and maintain the security of your social media accounts.

Sendible Dashboard

Approval workflows

Get approval from clients and steer clear of typos by setting up approval workflows for every post.

Content management

Sendible Dashboard

Set up smart queues

Make sure that you never have a gap in your calendar by sharing campaigns and one-off content on a pre-set schedule.

Sendible Dashboard

Find content and set up RSS feeds

Get content inspiration by following relevant topics and set up RSS feeds to auto post so you can automate your social media calendar.

Sendible Dashboard

Bulk uploads and visual calendar

Make scheduling a breeze by uploading or composing months’ worth of content in one go and visually managing your calendar.

Reporting and replies to comments

Sendible Dashboard

One-click Sendible reports

Compile and share reports on the success of your social media campaigns including audience growth and top posts.

Sendible Dashboard

Manage audience engagement

Get an overview of comments on your posts in the Priority Inbox or interact with your audience in real-time with streams.

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