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Unlocking AI Video Marketing: ChatGPT Prompts

8 June, 2024
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Tamara Biljman

Video marketing has become an essential part of any digital marketing strategy, but with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), it's possible to take your efforts to the next level.

By integrating AI tools into existing workflows, digital marketing agencies can streamline the process of creating and distributing video content while also personalising it for your target audience. 

According to a report by Wyzowl, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and 91% of those believe it's a crucial part of their strategy.

However, creating compelling and engaging video content can take time and effort.

That's where AI comes in - it can help automate many tasks involved in creating video content, such as generating ideas, writing scripts, and even making the final video:

Our Secret ChatGPT Prompts for Agency Success

What is AI-powered video marketing

AI-powered video marketing uses artificial intelligence to optimise and streamline the video marketing process.

This approach differs from the traditional one because it uses AI technology to create, analyse, and distribute video content.

The role of artificial intelligence in the video marketing process is to automate many of the tasks involved in creating video content, making the process more efficient and cost-effective.

For example, AI-powered tools can generate ideas for video content based on data analysis or existing content, automatically write scripts, and even create the final video using pre-existing footage, animation, or written content.

In addition to content creation, you can use artificial intelligence tools to analyse and optimise videos for maximum impact.

With machine learning algorithms, AI can track viewer engagement and use that data to inform future video content creation.

AI can also analyse user behaviour and demographic data to personalise videos for specific audiences, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Overall, using AI in video marketing allows for a more data-driven, efficient, and effective approach to video content creation and distribution.


How To Leverage AI for Social Media Posts: Take Your Content To the Next Level

Benefits of using artificial intelligence in video marketing strategy

There are numerous benefits to using AI-powered social media videos in your digital marketing strategy.

Here are some of the most notable advantages.

A graphic of top three benefits of using artificial intelligence to enhance video marketing - increased efficiency, personalised content, better audience targeting

Increased efficiency

One of the main benefits of using AI in video marketing is the ability to streamline the content creation process.

AI can generate ideas, write scripts, and even create the final video, freeing up time and resources for other tasks.

You can then use Sendible's bulk import feature to make sure everything is ready to go for when the time comes.

This increased efficiency allows more video content to be made and distributed in less time, leading to better engagement and, ultimately, more conversions.

Personalised content

With AI-powered video marketing, it's possible to create personalised social media videos that have content tailored to specific audiences.

AI can create content that resonates with individual viewers by analysing user data, such as browsing history and demographic information.

This personalised approach leads to increased engagement and a more positive user experience.

Better audience targeting

AI can also analyse audience data and optimise video content for maximum impact.

AI-powered analytics tools can track viewer engagement and use that data to inform future content creation.

For example, at Sendible we use social media analytics to better understand what posts are bringing in engagement and what the optimal time is to post content on different platforms.

This audience data allows marketers to make better decisions.

With this data-driven approach, marketers can create video content that resonates with the correct target audience, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

The 3-step process of using ChatGPT to create video content

If you're ready to implement AI-powered video marketing into your digital marketing strategy, here's a step-by-step guide on how to ideate and create video content using ChatGPT prompts:

Step 1: Come up with an idea by using AI video generator prompts

Feel free to skip this step if you already have a list of topics you'd like to cover. If not, try this tactic.

Before heading to ChatGPT, remember the first rule of using artificial intelligence tools - they are not perfect, and they are always learning. You need to lead a conversation with it to get what you need.

Now that we've covered that, it's time to open the chat.

At this stage, you're just looking for ideas.

But your prompt will have to be as specific as possible and include this information:

  • Who is creating the video?
  • What's your target audience?
  • What is their most significant pain point?
  • How many ideas do you want?

Here's an example of a prompt:

Imagine you're a social media manager in an agency looking to create up to 10-minute-long YouTube videos.

Your target audience is fashion brands looking to improve their social media presence and boost eCommerce sales.

I want you to create 10 video ideas in a table, addressing the pain points they must be experiencing, then lead towards the actual reason they are experiencing this and give a solution.

In a matter of seconds, you'll be provided with this:

a screenshot of ChatGPTs response to creating 10 ideas for up to 10 minute long YouTube videos
You can then ask it to add additional columns, such as viral hooks.

A screenshot of ChatGPT's 10 video ideas with an additional column that includes viral hooks/emotional factor

You can keep tweaking these ideas until you're pleased with the list and they align with your goals.

And once this is done, all you have to do is run a quick keyword research, depending on the platform where you wish to publish the video.

You want to ensure you'll include trending and relevant phrases that will target the right audience.

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Step 2: Create the video script

You can choose whichever AI tool you like, but we'll continue using ChatGPT to demonstrate the process.

This step consists of three stages:

  • Outline
  • Script
  • Tweaks

How to create a video outline?

Your ideas are ready, and now's the time to write the outline for the first one. Use a prompt similar to this one to get started:

Create an outline of an up to 10-minute-long YouTube video based on the second video idea you provided:

2. Common Social Media Mistakes Made by Fashion Brands

Description: We'll explore the common mistakes that fashion brands make on social media, why these mistakes can harm their eCommerce sales, and how to avoid them.

Viral Hook/Emotional Factor: Viral Hook: "The cringe-worthy social media fails that will make you laugh (and cry)" Emotional Factor: Humor

The outline you receive should include the names of the chapters and the outline of each of them. In this case, the result included seven chapters and bullet-point lists for each one of them.

A screenshot of the ChatGPTs video outline

If you're not 100% happy with the outline, now's the time to rewrite it or adjust particular sections.

How to write a video script?

Great! Your outline is ready; it's time to create the script.

We found that it's best not to overwhelm the chat with too much information at once. So take it easy and start with a simple request:

Please write the video script for YouTube based on the outline you provided. Use trendy tone and language typical for the fashion industry. Make it very engaging, action-focused, and witty. Ensure that each chapter can be repurposed as a standalone, short-form video on other social media platforms.

You might get lucky and get a perfectly crafted script, but typically you'll get decent content without timestamps and calls to action.

But don't worry. That's why we have the tweaking stage.

Bonus tip: If a creator uses a particular tone you fell in love with, and you'd like your video to sound just like that, instruct ChatGPT to use the language tone of [insert video link]. Unfortunately, this will only work if the video was published before 2022. For now.

How to tweak the video script?

Your video script is good, but it's not perfect yet.

It could be too short or missing time stamps, names of chapters, or calls to action. Nothing to worry about! Just continue the chat with a prompt similar to this one:

The video should be at least 5 minutes long. Please adjust the length of content, add timestamps for each paragraph (normal speed of speech), add names of chapters, promote agencies services for fashion brands in the intro and outro, and invite them to learn more about these services in the link in the description of the video.

a screenshot of ChatGPTs final video script.

Step 3: Prepare title, description, and promotional copy

The choice is yours - you can either record and edit the video first or wrap up your chat with the AI tools first.

I personally prefer the latter.

Here are the prompts you can use to get the title, description, and social media copy for the promotion posts.

  • Title: Suggest a few attention-grabbing titles for the video on the topic: Common Social Media Mistakes Made by Fashion Brands.


  • Video description: Great! Please write the video description that includes these sections and use emojis:
    • About the video
    • Timecodes
    • Additional resources
    • Call to action to learn more about the services

A screenshot of a video description for YouTube provided by ChatGPT

  • Copy for social media posts: Write a few social media posts that I could use to promote this video. Include emojis and relevant hashtags.


  • Email content: Now I need content for the email that will promote this video. Please write:
    • A few email subject line options (no more than 9 words and 60 characters each)
    • A few email snippets (up to 50 characters each)
    • Title (engaging and attention-grabbing)
    • Copy that includes a call to action to watch the full video

a screenshot of email content that promotes new YouTube video

A list of trending AI video creation tools

The choice is yours - you can record and edit the videos the traditional way, or you can experiment with artificial intelligence.

Here are some of the top AI-powered video creation tools available on the market:


Unlocking AI Video Marketing ChatGPT Prompts runway

A deep learning platform that enables users to create videos and manipulate them with AI-powered tools and effects.


Unlocking AI Video Marketing ChatGPT Prompts Tavus

An AI-powered video editing tool that automates the video creation process and adds special effects and animations.


Unlocking AI Video Marketing ChatGPT Prompts synthesia screenshot

An AI video generation tool that allows users to create personalised videos using AI-generated voiceovers and visuals.

Hour One

Unlocking AI Video Marketing ChatGPT Prompts hour one

An AI video production tool that automates the video creation process by generating scripts, storyboards, and animations.


Unlocking AI Video Marketing ChatGPT Prompts rephrase.ai
An AI-powered video editing tool that allows users to edit videos easily by removing, replacing, or adding elements in its video editor features. 


Unlocking AI Video Marketing ChatGPT Prompts elevenlabs screenshot

An AI video creation platform that uses machine learning to generate video content from existing text, images, and video footage.

When choosing an AI-powered video editor tool, consider the features and benefits of each tool, as well as their pricing and suitability for different types of projects.

Be sure to choose a tool that aligns with your objectives and budget and offers the features and customisation options required to create high-quality video content.

revolutionising-social-media-with-artificial-intelligence-synthesiaSource: Synthesia

Final thoughts on AI video generators and helpful tools to create videos

AI-powered video marketing has become an essential tactic for digital marketing agencies to offer high quality videos.

It offers a range of benefits, including increased efficiency, personalised content, and better audience targeting.

By using AI tools to ideate and create video content, agencies can streamline their video marketing process and create high-quality content that resonates with their audience.

Creating videos no longer needs to be a long, drawn out process. 

Just remember that this technology is still evolving.

This means that you can't rely on it completely. Take time to perfect your prompts and tweak the outputs.

Trust me - this approach will still save you hours of manual work!

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