[Coming Soon] Auto-post Instagram Stories with Sendible

Cecilia Haynes Cecilia Haynes

One of our most highly requested features is on the way: being able to directly publish Instagram Stories on Sendible. 🥳

Instagram just made the ability to schedule and directly post Instagram Stories via third-party platforms available so we immediately got to work to bring this feature to our customers. 

Why use Instagram Stories?

Social media is all about authentic connection, and Instagram Stories are a great way to capture the immediate attention of your audiences. 

Instagram Stories are sequences of images and videos designed to disappear after 24 hours unless you turn them into a highlight or send them to your feed. 

Since Instagram Stories were built to be temporary compared to photos and videos shared to your main feed, they create urgency and allow for more variety in the types of content shared by brands and creators. 

It’s a powerful way to showcase your personality, gain instant interest, and build relationships with your followers by showing them behind-the-scenes content. 


🤩 Highlights for agencies

If you haven’t been using Stories as a part of your client strategy, here’s a quick overview of just how impactful Stories can be: 

  • According to Facebook, over 500 million users use and consume Stories daily
  • 200 million businesses are on Instagram with 90% of people following at least one business
  • 58% of people became more interested in a product after viewing Stories posted by a business
  • 50% of people then went on to purchase the product

No matter your clients' industry, you can take advantage of this slideshow format!

🌱 Inspiration for your Instagram Stories

Here are some ideas that you can try to add to your social media strategy today: 

  • Tease photos and short-form videos of products in the process of being made
  • Share exclusive sales or products only available for a limited time
  • Have short-form videos of bloopers to showcase the people behind the brand
  • Create slideshows of tutorials like makeup or meals from restaurants that motivate people to keep watching and swiping
  • Repurpose your short-form video like Reels into Stories (or TikToks, which you can also directly post using Sendible) 

📚 Helpful resources

To help you find success with Instagram Stories, here are some handy guides:

🤔 Any questions?

Stay tuned for the official release update shortly! In the meantime, please reach out to our support team if you have any questions.

Head over to our Feedback Portal with any other requests, we’re ready to keep improving Sendible for you.