Built for growing teams, Sendible scales with you as you grow your agency from one to a hundred clients

“The overall interface is user-friendly. It’s so easy to create, organise, and manage teams and multiple accounts. Also, the customer service is the best I’ve experienced with any other tool.”

Marie Carlson
Marie Carlson – Storyteller & Social Media Manager


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Keep your team in sync and each client organised by dashboard

Put an end to the confusing spreadsheets, email threads and tools! Get all your clients organised under one roof – each with their individual dashboard – so your team can work smarter and deliver an award-winning social media strategy for your clients.

Store and categorise content for easy access

Your team’s content is always just a few clicks away with our useful DropBox, Google Drive and Canva integrations. Use our built-in Content Library to keep your client's content organised and accessible to your team.

Keep your team in sync and each client organized by dashboard

Gain credibility, build trust & win more clients with our white labelling

Build trust and credibility with your clients by providing your own branded software solution powered by a leading social media management platform. Get the winning edge in your next client pitch while also creating a new scalable revenue stream for your agency:

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A must-have tool for agencies

“If you run an agency or even offer social media management, this is a great platform to use because just about everything you need to manage the accounts and interact with the client is in one place. This cuts down on admin time and allows you to spend time doing more important tasks.”

Linda Jones
Linda Jones – Data Analyst and Social Media Manager

Get a bird’s eye view of the content your team is creating

Keep track of the content your team is scheduling and queuing for each client with our interactive calendar. Easily re-organise scheduled posts with our drag-and-drop interface. 

“Sendible has allowed me to efficiently monitor and post for any of my clients. The calendar is by far my favorite feature. I can easily filter in between accounts and the presentation makes it easy to use. ”

Anonymous – Agency in Hospital & Health Care


Give your clients a more secure way to grant access to their social logins

Streamline the process of onboarding new clients by enabling them to securely connect their profiles themselves on your website without having to share their passwords with you.

Dashboard integration

Find a never-ending supply of relevant content

Our content suggestion tool works behind the scenes to discover and suggest fresh content, most likely to resonate with your client's fans. With thousands of topics to choose from, there is always something interesting to share so you can start more conversations.

“The ability to auto post is a necessity, but where sendible shines is in content aggregation. A few steps and you are provided with new content on a daily basis that you can then easily turn into posts.”

Scott Guttenberger
Scott Guttenberger – Director of Marketing at NinjaCat

Curating relevant content for your clients doesn’t have to be time-consuming

Want to switch providers? We’ll help!

Currently managing 25 social media accounts or more? If so, we'd love to consult you on how Sendible compares to your current social media tool and how to best handle the move for free.

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Collaborate seamlessly with team members and clients

User hierarchies and approval workflows ensure that the right people are signing off on content before it goes live. Collaborate closely to ensure the quality of work your team is producing aligns directly with the client’s expectations.

“The ‘approve’ feature is awesome which means that no post will ever get published without being checked by another. This is key when you are handling social platforms for your clients.”

Lisa Catarineau
Lisa Catarineau – Founder at Biker Girl Bling


Manage engagement for multiple clients at scale

Receive all of your client's relevant messages and mentions in one view. With the Priority Inbox, you can filter conversations by channels or dive deeper into each stream to improve your social monitoring and engagement. 

“This platform is easy to use. We are able to find the right solution for our agency. With Sendible we can share accounts with clients, monitor our client’s social media networks and provide beautiful reports to clients.”

Kristi Robertson
Kristi Robertson – Owner at AdMix Social


Improve client retention with meaningful reports that show your success

Create stunning social media reports in minutes and delight clients with your results. Use one of our pre-designed templates or create your own with our drag-and-drop report creator.

Configure Sendible to automatically deliver new reports, branded as your own, directly to clients on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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“The reports have interactive built-in graphs and help me to produce easily read and attractive reports whenever I need them. This saves a lot of time, it’s included and not charged for like some other platforms, and they keep improving it.”

James Scott
James Scott – Channel Marketing Specialist at MQDC Magnolia Quality Developments


What our customers are saying

We have literally saved about 50% of our time previously spent on social media management by using Sendible - this is something we have tracked.


Scott Cox

Founder - Social Reach, Lakeland, FL, US

Sendible helps me as a manager be more efficient in seeing what my teams are doing on social media and allows me to reach out to teams that may be falling short.


Tara Van Loenen

Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing - Sage Restaurant Group, Denver, CO, US

Sendible was more flexible with how many users we could have, and had the ability for us to have a managing role while controlling the access each client gets.


Jennifer Cox

Senior Digital Marketing Analyst - TravelClick, Orlando, FL, US

Sendible has the best customer service, the most features, and constant development to keep pace with the fast-changing social media landscape. Absolutely the best choice for professionals.

Idunn Adriana

Adriana Tica

Founder - Idunn, Bucharest, Romania

First and foremost, Sendible is a great, easy-to-use tool with more functions than any other social media management tool I’ve come across.


Alice Griffin

Content Writer for isango - Isango, London, UK