Amelia Rose Media specialises in freeing up the time of her clients while maximising their returns. With Sendible, she was able to increase engagement by 20% for one client and achieve £50K in sales for another.

20% + Engagement
5 Clients
500 + Monthly social posts

Meet Anna Rump, founder of Amelia Rose Media.

As an agency owner and mother, Anna Rump, Founder of Amelia Rose Media, has to make every minute of her day count.  

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We sat down with her to learn all about how she uses Sendible to build communities for clients, reduce stress, and increase audience engagement by up to 20%. She even helped a client achieve £50K in sales!

The following conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

Tell us a bit about yourself! What do you do?

"I am Anna Rump and I set up a social media consultancy called Amelia Rose Media. We've just gone limited, so we're now Amelia Rose Media Limited.

And what we do is provide time-saving, stress-saving, and money-busting social media support for businesses.

So whether it's Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook - we can write and post your content, monitor all your messages, engage on other people's posts, and respond to your own comments coming in - all through Sendible. It's magic."

What were your biggest challenges with social media management before using Sendible?

"I didn't use anybody before Sendible. When I decided to go for this as a business, I had one client and I was basically doing it on my bed in between the baby having naps.

So I spoke to a friend of mine and I was like, there has to be a way of doing the social media stuff in advance so I don't have to constantly set an alarm, which, Murphy's law, will go off when the baby needs changing or something.

And she said, 'Oh, we use Sendible.'

So I went into her office and I had a two-hour play with Sendible and it was so user-friendly. I never looked anywhere else. I've checked out the competition and they just don't come close. They’re pointless and ridiculous. 

And the lovely thing is that when you need help, I just pick up the phone and I don't have to go through multiple, 'Press one for this, press two for that.' I pick up the phone and within about two minutes, there's a nice person on the end of the line who says, 'It's fine. Just do this, this, and this - problem solved.' It's great."

What are your favourite Sendible features, and how do you use them?

"I am utterly in love with the Compose in Bulk function. I write my clients' content in a spreadsheet. They get to see it and approve it, and then I just upload it in bulk.

If there's a website link, there's a little box for it. If there's an image, I no longer have to download the image, save it to my computer, upload in Canva, and then resize in Canva. I just dump the URL for the image (or straight from my computer) into the box and it does it all for me according to which platform it’s on. I no longer have to worry that half the image is missing because Twitter's got a different size spec to Instagram."

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"I can set the date and the time and then I can compose the messages. I loaded an entire month of content across four platforms for one client the other day, each one with an image and a web link. It took me 35 minutes. It was a miracle.

I love the fact that with Instagram, you can dump all those hashtags in your first comment - which we only use so people can find our stuff. 

I love the fact that you can upload videos. And I love streams - I don't have to have my clients’ Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and everything else open as little tabs across the top. I just have Sendible open.

Every time something happens, my computer goes ping and I can see that somebody left a comment or a message and they get responded to there and then. Which of course makes them feel loved, makes the brand look good, and it makes me look awesome. So winner winner chicken dinner!

It's a condition of working with me that if you're using a software scheduling system, you have to use Sendible. Because I'm not learning another system. Nightmare."

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I loaded an entire month of content across four platforms for one client the other day, each one with an image and a web link. It took me 35 minutes. It was a miracle.

What positive results have you seen since using Sendible?

"The reporting functions are amazing. I can break down a particular platform by demographic, time, and geographical location - my client can see exactly where in the world people are engaging with their content.

They can see the age range and the times that they're online. All of this means that I can pre-program the content to go out so that it hits exactly the right time slots.

And it might be that my clients have got an audience in the US and they've got an audience in the UK who are looking at their content, but at different times. This means that you can tweak it. You can have a similar post and repost it for a different time so that it hits your US audience as they're coming online.

The results and the reports functions allow me to see that I'm doing a good job, but more importantly, they also allow my client to see that this is what they're paying for. This is working. Clients love data and results. They like to see exactly what is happening.

And social media is just a big quagmire of rules for this platform and suggestions for that platform. There's a guru for everything. But just ignore all of them.

Go with your gut instinct and let the data drive your decisions, not what so-and-so Instagram star is saying at the moment about Instagram.

The reporting functions are so useful. Validation for me and validation for the client."

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The reporting functions are so useful. Validation for me and validation for the client.

What best practices would you recommend?

"If you're composing a one-off message, put your platform in first and then go to the bottom and put in the date and the time because it's all too easy to put your content in and then accidentally schedule it for there and then."

Editor's note: toddler time at the 00:20 mark in the video!

"If you're composing in bulk, do it one platform at a time. You can plan it so you've got your LinkedIn, your Facebook, your Instagram, and your Twitter all loaded in Compose in Bulk, but you're going to create problems for yourself.

It's much easier to do it one platform at a time and always put your date and your time in first before you upload anything. The number of times, especially when I first started, that I scheduled a month's worth of content but it's going out accidentally today.

It's very easy to fix if you make this mistake because it's all there and it's all saved. You don't have to redo it. You just have to pull the screen up and then just edit the date and the time.

So that would be my number one tip: platform first, date and time second, then work your magic."

What time-saving tips do you have for Sendible workflows?

"Bulk scheduling is a dream. If you're writing content for clients, it's likely that you've had to have it approved beforehand. You can do that within Sendible.

You can actually create the whole content campaign in Sendible and then there's a button that says 'Send for approval'. So your client can see it in advance and suggest any edits.

You don't then have to go and copy and paste the content across from your spreadsheet to Sendible. You'd be surprised how many clients are willing to sign into Sendible when they realize it's actually making their job easier. That's a great time-saving tip.

Having your URLs for your images ahead of time is great. And also when you're uploading images, if you're uploading them from your computer, you don't have to do the browse and search if you've just recently saved it.

Once you've found that image that you want to use, you literally just drag and drop. You haven't got to trawl through files to find the image.

I remember when I first started, I would download all the images. I would save all the images. I would go into Canva and I would resize all the images. It took ages.

And about a week in, I realized that Sendible did all of this for me.

There are so many time-saving tips. Plus, in Sendible at the bottom left of your screen, there'll be a flashing question mark.

Press on that and there is all kinds of information: if you want to learn how to do this, sign up here - it's all free. And if you can't go to the live training session, they email it to you as a recording so you learn how to use the system.

These guys are constantly updating and improving. For example, we all wanted the first comment function for Instagram so we could dump the hashtags in there.

And these guys went, 'Oh yeah, that's fine.' Click, click, click, click, click, done. Brilliant.

I'm sure there was a lot more to it than that. It was probably coding and weird magic stuff that goes on. But from the user's point of view, it just appeared. That was great!"

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Bulk scheduling is a dream. If you're writing content for clients, it's likely that you've had to have it approved beforehand. You can do that within Sendible.

What is your advice to others who are considering Sendible?

"With Sendible, you learn so much. You guys have deep dive sessions on how to do various things. You just click a button and then if you can't make the live session, it gets dumped in your email inbox as a recording.

So you learn all the little tips and tricks for different platforms and how Sendible supports that.

It's more than a time-saver, it's a complete social media one-stop support place. I know I could ring you guys in London and say, 'Do you know what, I'm having problems with this - it's disconnecting my profile. Why?'

I know that I can talk to you as real people. I mean, look, we're talking now. I cannot think of another big company where you can just have a video chat with the senior team and tell them about their product.

And you know when I want something tweaked, I'm like, 'Please, please, please introduce this function.' And 9 times out of 10, you do."

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It's more than a time-saver, it's a complete social media one-stop support place.

How have you collaborated with clients or onboarded new team members?

"Reassure them that everything is safe. There is a function where you can connect your clients' profiles to Sendible without having to have all their passwords. They can actually do it themselves. Show them how it works and show them what it is you're going to be doing.

I have found this to be really helpful because clients would give you their login details and their passwords and then they freak out because they realize that every platform has it somewhere in those endless terms and conditions that you're not supposed to do this.

But if they don't want to provide their passwords to you, they don't have to. They can connect them via the Sendible magic thing and their profiles appear. You haven't got their password or their login details, but it's connected."

Editor's note: The Sendible Magic Thing is also known as Client Connect - it really is like magic

"Clients need to see what it is you're going to be doing and how you're going to be doing it. You only need to show them once because actually deep down, they don't care. What they want is the job done easily and quickly and cost effectively.

And if you've shown them that this is the system that works, and this is what they're getting for their dollar, they're fine. I've never had a client say to me, ‘Oh, but such and such provider does it like this’ - because the competitors just can't match Sendible, to be honest.

When this one works so beautifully for everything I need and there's nice people on the end of the phone. I'm not going to put myself through the utter heartache of trying to learn a new system and dealing with massive call centers."

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Recap and results

With 5 clients and a minimum monthly spread of 500+ posts, Anna has used Sendible's Compose in Bulk feature, approval workflows, and reporting to build out campaigns for clients and report on her successes. 

In fact, she was able to help one of her clients get from 1.5% engagement rate to over 20% in only 80 posts.

For another client, she brought in over £50K in sales over 3 months.

Check out Amelia Rose Media and connect with Anna. 👈

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