Sendible helps Fearless & Framed reach out to and engage with their target audience on social media, while sharing stimulating content that in turn helps drive visitors to their website and aid them in growing their list of podcast and blog subscribers.

4 x Photography Courses
50 % List Growth
11k + Social Media Followers


Fearless & Framed is devoted to helping documentary photographers ignite their passion, tell stories through their work and market their photography offerings.

Fearless & Framed, act as educators, offering a range of four photography courses that use storytelling as a base to encourage the artists to produce honest and raw content. Alongside the stories that are created, founder Marie Masse, shares her business and marketing tips with participants so they can go on to utilise marketing tools - like social media - to sell their skills.


Fearless & Framed have always known social media was the way they wanted to share their course offerings and content as they could be as visual as needed to get their message across. While Marie shared content she and her students were creating, she still wanted to be able to engage with the wider community of photographers that needed guidance when it came to producing content that represented their true voice.

Marie’s mission was to be able to reach out to as many of these photographers as she could through her podcasts and content, and get them to join one of her programs. By learning from the business tips Fearless & Framed offered, they could further grow  their own photography businesses.

When I’m on my game with Sendible and making sure my queues are driving people to my content and the various freebies we have, I would be as bold and confident to say my list growth doubles.


Fearless & Framed turned to Sendible early on, becoming a customer in 2014. The content library feature is a firm favorite, saving Marie time when posting to social media. Sendible allows Fearless & Framed to have a library of old and new content that they can easily access, constantly add to, and share in their queues. Fearless & Framed often use the queue feature to have the ability to ‘set and forget’ their social posting and confidently know that they have a continuous stream of valuable content going out to their target audience.

Having Sendible in place allows Marie the time to focus on creating the amazing content she shares with her audience and engage in conversations with the interested photographers.

Having a content library saves me so much time. When working with your competitor I had to map everything out on paper first and then go in and recreate everything. Sendible’s library makes it easier for you to create content when inspired, but then be able to go back to it - it eliminates work.


Fearless & Framed now have a solution in place that takes care of their social media, only having to tend to it monthly simply to ensure their queues are up to date. Marie confidently confirms that when her queues are filled with quality content, her list of subscribers doubles.

Traffic to the Fearless & Framed website increases significantly when the queues are switched on, with a noticeable decrease in numbers when Marie has neglected her social posting. The team has saved hours by ensuring all their content is stored in Sendible’s content library so they can all access it quickly without having to recreate posts.

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