Sendible has provided the Social Reach agency with an all-in-one White Label tool that can successfully help them in nurturing their clients’ social media profiles, by creating quality content, distributing this content and tracking engagement, while saving them time to focus on winning even more clients.

50 % Time saved
10 hours Spent monthly on each client


Social Reach was founded in 2017 by Scott Cox. Scott wanted to provide his clients with social media marketing services that would grow their brand engagement and revenues, but still fit within their budget. Social Reach caters for a variety of clients, from enterprises to start-ups.

A powerful team of nine, Social Reach’s dedicated brand managers spend time understanding their clients’ needs and working with them to create social media strategies that will get them noticed by their target audiences and ensure they stand out from the competition.


With social media being the core of Social Reach’s offering, their mission is to help clients establish their brand on social media and essentially, help them grow their revenue.

The brand managers at Social Reach were initially managing each clients’ social profiles manually and quickly realised it was taking up a large amount of time that could be spent doing other things like winning new business. Social Reach knew if they wanted to grow their client base, they needed to make social media management more cost effective for the company and reduce the time brand managers spent on social media daily, so they could together as a team, focus on winning these new customers.

You guys have continually lead the way for this type of software, and I’ve yet to find anyone who offers what you offer.


After researching multiple competitors, Scott wanted to make sure he was investing in a tool that could help with long-term growth and would remain constant within an ever-changing industry. He was floored by how much Sendible could do, and the tool gave the team access to more services, features and integrations than any other.

Sendible offered Social Reach that all-in-one tool they were looking for, a tool that could ultimately help Social Reach be consistent in their activity and results, and ensure they were continually achieving social media perfection for their clients.

With Sendible, content has become easier to find and generate thanks to the content feature. The team's all time favorite feature is the Compose Box. The ability to take one message and format it for any channel in one place and at one time is a massive time and energy saver for the team.

We have literally saved about 50% of our time previously spent on social media management by using Sendible - this is something we have tracked.


Sendible has aided in helping Social Reach increase engagement for their customers, create more content in a shorter amount of time and been the reason behind the brand managers saving 50% of their time that was once spent on managing social media manually.

The brand managers now spend 10 hours a month on creating and scheduling social content for each client, which allows them to focus their newly-found free time on creating more meaningful relationships with their clients. Scott and his team now spend more time on researching trends, and finding new clients.

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