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Sendible has given the Aira team their confidence back in ensuring they have a tool they can trust to post out their tailored and quality content to their clients’ social media channels at key engagement times. This allows them to devote more time to building brand awareness for their clients.


Aira is a digital marketing agency composed of experts who are driven to deliver results for their clients. They offer services from content and PR to paid search and SEO. Their clientele ranges from FTSE 100 companies to start-ups.

Social media is also a part of Aira’s offering says Byron Marr, Paid Media Consultant, as social media plays an important part in their marketing strategies to ensure they help grow brand awareness and engagement for their customers.


Byron explained how they were having many technical difficulties with another leading social media management tool. Posts were failing to send when they were scheduled, which in turn made Aira look unprofessional as their clients trusted them to successfully grow their social media platforms.

Aira was ultimately missing key engagement periods on their clients’ social media channels because of the unreliability of the tool they used prior to Sendible.

The time saved in being able to schedule easier allows us to spend more time on wider strategy and analyzing what’s working and what isn’t in terms of engagement.


Byron and the team at Aira ultimately decided it was time for a change, which brought them to Sendible. Moving over to Sendible was an easy decision as the implementation process was smooth and allowed the team to easily connect the social media channels they were managing to the tool.

Sendible also enabled them to distribute varied levels of access of the tool to their clients and internal team members which made for efficient account management. Aira now creates engaging content which they can easily tailor and post across a wide range of channels with ease.

By moving to Sendible, the team at Aira now use the much-loved content feature to find engaging new articles they can share across the managed social media channels, and allows them to reach out to, and talk to, key influencers on behalf of their clients, allowing them to successfully create more brand awareness.

The favorite feature Byron pointed out was the Client Connect widget. This feature allows Byron and the team to offer a secure and simple solution to onboarding their clients’ social channels without asking for their confidential login credentials.

Sendible’s scheduling software offers a convenient way to create engaging posts which can be tailored and posted across a range of channels with ease.


As a result of changing to Sendible, the team at Aira has not only saved valuable time that they can now give back to their clients, but they have a tool they can rely on to post out their tailored content at the key engagement periods they were once missing.

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