Sendible provided TravelClick with a White Label tool that allows them to give their clients control over their own social media content creation and posting schedule, while still having visibility on how their clients are engaging on social media and therefore being able to provide them with a social media consulting service.

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TravelClick is a global hotel marketing company operating in 176 countries that offer mid to high range hotels across the world with tailored solutions to help them make their businesses successful and maximize revenue. Senior Digital Marketing Analyst, Jennifer Cox explained how she and her team, are one part of the bigger TravelClick family that focuses on SEO, website maintenance and social media for clients based in North and South America.

Social media is one part of a bigger product offering that TravelClick offers to clients to help them grow their brand presence and online engagement.


While social media may not be TravelClick’s main service, it is something that the majority of their clients want and need to grow their brand presence and online engagement. Jennifer was brought to the Orlando TravelClick team several years ago to help set up and manage the social media side of the business.

Jennifer realized that providing social media assistance to their clients without a proper strategy or platform in place would become overwhelming for the team to manage, and would not be scalable when TravelClick took on more clients.

There was a need to provide their clients with a solution that they had complete access to. A platform where they could create and schedule their own content, while TravelClick could simply monitor and offer their clients social media consulting when it was needed.

Sendible was more flexible with how many users we could have, and had the ability for us to have a managing role while controlling the access each client gets.


TravelClick turned to Sendible as we offered the most flexible White Label solution for the team, and had the ability to set up separate client profiles which was a clear necessity.

Sendible gives TravelClick the freedom to give their clients access to a tool that encourages them to be consistent in their social media posting, while freeing up the TravelClick team’s time for them to offer more of a consulting service, as opposed to managing their clients’ social profiles. The fact that there is no Sendible branding present in the software aids in strengthening TravelClick’s brand.

Sendible is a scalable solution for TravelClick’s growing client base which gives Jennifer and the wider team the option to create detailed client reports while providing their clients with feedback on their social media strategies.

We needed a tool that would be easy for our clients to use and for us to teach them. With Sendible, once our clients have gone through the training, they require little to no help from us.


As a result of having implemented Sendible, Jennifer devotes a small amount of time to training her clients on how to use the platform and then leaves them to it. She only needs to dedicate a day each week to go into Sendible to monitor what her clients have been up to and to create detailed reports she can then share. TravelClick are now able to offer more social media consulting services and scale up their team to take on more clients as they have a self-sufficient solution in place.

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