Learn how Sendible helped Idunn, a digital agency, rapidly scale their business by enabling them to successfully manage multiple social accounts for clients spread across different time zones.

300 % Growth
60 + Global Clients
30 % Revenue Generated from Social


Idunn is a digital marketing agency based in Bucharest, Romania working with clients from all over the world. They provide marketing strategy consultancy, and services including PPC advertising, copywriting, marketing and social media management. The latter makes for more than 30% of Idunn’s revenue, so it’s vitally important that these services are streamlined and efficient.

Their working method focuses on research, planning, execution, measurement and revision, so it was essential that they found a solution to cater to this approach.


The first challenge for Idunn was juggling with different time zones to service clients in North America, Australia and Europe. Secondly as their business grew, the task became more complex, as they then also had to painstakingly switch between countless accounts when posting to social media.

Finally, to be able to post at optimal times, meant that they had to be online at the oddest hours. So, you can understand why a marketing automation solution was needed.

Idunn started looking for a social media solution that allowed them to manage multiple clients and users through a single dashboard, and that had scheduling functionality so that they could pre-plan and automate social media posts across different time zones.

Because the agency was growing fast, their ideal solution would allow them to scale up by providing the flexibility to add and remove clients on demand.


Working with Sendible was, first and foremost, a great time-saver: no more switching between accounts or running three browsers at the same time. The team at Idunn now visit a single dashboard to schedule all their content and monitor their engagement.

Late nights and early mornings spent trying to find the perfect time to post for Australian or Canadian clients have become a thing of the past. All content can now be scheduled in advance and Sendible even suggests the right time to post in order to get the best engagement on each channel.

The Idunn team know that whatever happens, Sendible are there for a friendly chat and will help solve their problems in no time. Better still, whenever changes happen to the API of a given social network, Sendible lets them know, sometimes even before it happens.


Before using Sendible, Idunn dealt with around 20 accounts – now, they have over 60 clients. So, in a little over a year, Sendible has helped Idunn to grow the size of its social media business by 300%.

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