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Learn how, Speedie Consulting, a fast-growing UK-based Digital Marketing agency, is able to increase profit margins and reduce costs by using Sendible to efficiently manage social media for multiple clients.

10 Hours Saved per Month
40 + Social Networks Managed
4 Additional Clients can now be Managed


Speedie Consulting are a UK based online marketing agency founded in 2003 by Jason and Stella Hulott. They specialize in the finance and insurance sectors, with most of their clients from the UK.


As a small business, Speedie Consulting do not have the manpower to sit every day and manually input and monitor social media content for their clients.

The agency wanted to make sure that their clients could also undertake their own social media posting if they wanted to, they wanted a tool to serve as an ‘underlying platform’. They had used a competitor before but found them to be expensive and not user friendly.

We needed to find a tool that would streamline the process of posting updates on multiple social networking accounts and make it less time-consuming and costly for our clients.


“We were on the hunt for a tool that would solve our client management needs and well as being cost effective that would fit in with our strategy, we came across a blog that mentioned Sendible and instantly signed up for a free 30-day trial.”

What most appealed to Jason was that Sendible offered both ‘one-stop management’ as well as scheduling.

With the help of Sendible’s powerful scheduling tool, they were able to input content once a month instead of wasting loads of time. “Just a few clicks and job done!”

Jason found Sendible to be extremely user friendly, “Sendible was so user friendly that we have not even needed Sendible’s support team!”


“Sendible has saved us heaps of time, there is no longer a big panic to send out social media content as it is all automated, meaning all of our clients’ social media campaigns can be planned far in advance. The client can also see exactly what has been posted and what is scheduled to be posted.”

Jason also emphasised that his clients have been extremely pleased as Sendible has enabled them to be more cost-effective as they do not have to be billed for an extra person to manage their social media posting.

Sendible has saved both Speedie Consulting and their clients money, suppose we could call that a very satisfied circle of efficiency!

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