1972 Media showcased the ability for clients to approve posts to win new business and used Sendible's analytics to track a 12% boost in organic engagement and an 8% increase in followers while running an influencer campaign.

2018 Year Founded
7 Clients
250 + Monthly Social Posts

Meet Sheri Herrmann, Founder of 1972 Media.

Storytelling is at the heart of all social media and marketing campaigns. And few are as skilled at drawing in an audience as Sheri Herrmann, founder of 1972 Media.


We met with her to learn more about how Sheri brings in clients, showcases her campaign results, and weaves a strong narrative that makes audiences sit up and stop scrolling.

The following conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

Tell us a bit about yourself! What do you do?

"My name is Sheri Herrmann and I own 1972 media. We are a full-service content marketing company. We also specialise in social media management.

We like to help people tell their story to their audience to reach their goals, so there’s a big focus on customising content. We've worked with small-to-medium businesses as well as celebrities."

What were your biggest challenges with social media management before using Sendible?

"I came from a large corporation with a huge budget and we had a lot of tools at our disposal to do our jobs. And then starting my own business, like most small business owners I was short on budget. I had no tools. I had some clients and I was also short on time.

And so all those things combined, I was like I have to find a solution to help me get more efficient with my time, but also something that wasn't going to take up every single dime that I was bringing in the door too.

And so to be honest, I did an online search and I came across Sendible. I tried you and I tried a few other options as well. There were probably three or four companies where I did their free trial that ranged anywhere from seven days to two weeks. But I just really found Sendible to be the best option for me.

You were affordable, which was super important to me, but also having come from a space where we had a pretty robust tool to work with - Sendible was really comparable at a fraction of the price.

Sendible allowed me to schedule posts which helped me maximise my time. I could time batch and schedule two weeks of posts and then move onto the next task.

You also allowed me to provide reporting for my clients, which is so important, especially since I have a financial services client. He's all about the numbers so having reporting was really important to him.

With the ease of using the dashboard and moving around, I was able to pick up how to use Sendible in no time. I didn't have to sit through hours and hours of YouTube tutorials to figure out how to use the tool."

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Having come from a space where we had a pretty robust tool to work with - Sendible was really comparable at a fraction of the price.

What are your favourite Sendible features, and how do you use them?

"There are so many things that I love about Sendible. I think that the dashboard is designed with such simplicity and that's a huge help. I can get in there and whiz around and navigate easily. 

I'm actually not very tech-savvy. The name of my company, 1972 Media, says it all. I come from a generation of rotary dial phones and so the simplicity of the tool is fantastic for me. 

Being able to schedule out posts in advance has been a ginormous help. It helps me with my time, but it also helps me manage my clients' time. 

I have some clients where they want to be able to approve the posts, which is another great feature. With Sendible, I can batch send them posts and they take five minutes and approve two, three weeks of posts instead of me sending them something every single day which disrupts their day. So it helps on both sides with time management, which is fantastic. 

I love that it integrates with Canva. That's another tool that I use so much in my business and the fact that it now integrates with Canva is great. If I get into Sendible and start doing a post and I haven't sized something right, I can just jump right into Canva from there. I don't have to back out of Sendible, go populate Canva, save it to the computer, and then get back into Sendible. It's just so seamless. 

And then of course the reporting! The reporting is actually really robust for what the tool is. It gives me all the information that I need to report back to my clients. And I've been able to secure 5 clients because of the reporting system from Sendible. 

And I like the discovery piece of it too. It's great that you can go in and look for keywords and find out what's happening to get ideas for content and for how you're going to tell your story in your space. I think that's phenomenal too. I could go on for days, but those are just a few of the high points."

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What positive results have you seen since using Sendible?

"A couple things I will say is that I have actually been able to secure clients by using Sendible. And part of the reason that I've been able to secure clients is because they have the capacity to approve posts with ease while not taking up a ton of their time. It's very simple. They can also provide feedback if they want to make changes on the posts. That's been a very integral part of me solidifying clients, as well as the reporting elements.

I can generate a report super quick at the end of every month and then I send it to the client. It's got pretty graphs, it's easy for them to see, and it's just enough.

Plus, I can tailor the reports and give them what I think they need. Some clients get more information, some clients don't get as much because it might be overwhelming, but these two features have helped me secure clients.

1972 Media Case Study

I can give you one quick case study. I worked with a local restaurant the year before last. So this would have been 2019 because obviously nothing was happening last year. We had a local dessert influencer that came to the restaurant and through Sendible, I was able to track the positive sentiment.

I was able to show the owner of the restaurant that we increased organic followers on Instagram by 8% and we increased organic engagement on Instagram by 12%, which are huge numbers when you look at averages.

So because of Sendible’s reporting, I was able to show him numbers and say, 'Hey, the money that we invested to bring in this dessert influencer, we've gotten back tenfold. It was a great investment.' And we've gone on to do more of those kinds of events as far as advertising for the restaurant."

Part of the reason that I've been able to secure clients is because they have the capacity to approve posts with ease while not taking up a ton of their time.

What best practices would you recommend?

"I think the best thing that I could recommend is to at least give Sendible a try. If you're contemplating Sendible, do the trial period and then once you have decided to become a customer, just dive in and start using it. That's the best way to learn it. Don't be afraid of it. Just go in and start.

One of the things that I did is I actually input my personal accounts into Sendible and I played around. So if I accidentally sent a post, it was going on my personal account and it wasn't disrupting a client until I could get used to things - which really didn't take long. But it gave me comfort, knowing that I wasn't going to disrupt a client's account.

Also take advantage of the Explore Topics section too. I know that a lot of social media managers and content creators struggle with ideas and ‘What am I going to write about today? What am I going to post? What's happening?’

That Explore Topics section is such a huge help for me when I'm feeling stuck - which can be with frequency sometimes. This is especially the case when we're all working from home. We're stuck in the house and we’re not necessarily out being inspired as much as maybe we were a year or so ago. "

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What is your advice to others who are considering Sendible?

"Don't kill me Sendible, but I identified a few SaaS options and I did all of the trials. And when you put Sendible up against competitors, this process will help you identify just how simple Sendible is, how robust of a tool it is, and that it can help you with your business."

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When you put Sendible up against competitors, this process will help you identify just how simple Sendible is, how robust of a tool it is, and that it can help you with your business.

Recap and results

Sendible has been a determining factor in securing 5 of Sheri's clients at 1972 Media thanks to our analytics and ability for clients to approve posts in advance before sending.

Her clients like the fact that Sheri can send them a batch of posts to approve in advance and when they have time so entirely on their schedule. 

1972 Media Case Study: One of Sheri's clients is a local restaurant and they worked with a local influencer to come sample desserts at the restaurant.

Through Sendible, Sheri was able to track positive sentiment about the event as well as an 8% increase in organic followers and a 12% increase in organic engagement.

This helped demonstrate to her client that hosting influencers was an effective marketing tool and two years later that remains one of the primary ways they market new menu items.

Check out 1972 Media and connect with Sheri. 👈

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