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Sendible is the social media management tool of choice for the Sage Restaurant Group. The company uses Sendible to encourage collaboration among all restaurant locations on their social media strategies, being able to ensure the brand image of every restaurant is portrayed accurately.

14 x Teams
42 + Social media accounts


Sage Restaurant Group is a company that provides innovative, playful and locally focused food and beverage experiences in 14 different restaurants across the United States.

Every restaurant is independent of one another and each has a passionate sales and marketing team behind them that are tasked with driving excellent customer engagement through every marketing channel that reaches the customer, including social media, and increasing customer traffic into their restaurant.


Having multiple locations and teams, there was a requirement for the Corporate Director of Sales and Marketing, Tara, to have visibility on what each team’s social media and marketing strategies looked like so she could help them drive sales.

Sage Restaurant Group focuses a third of all their marketing efforts on social media, so there was a critical need for a central platform that all 14 teams could use to ensure the content they were creating and scheduling was consistent in quality, represented the true character and experience of the restaurants they were marketing, and ultimately raised the bar of the brand image they were trying to create online.

Tara also had a need to be able to see and monitor the results her teams were achieving on social media. She needed to be able to report back these results to her management team on a monthly basis.

Sendible helps me as a manager be more efficient in seeing what my teams are doing on social media and allows me to reach out to teams that may be falling short.


Sendible has been Tara's social media tool of choice for a few years. She knew the platform was the one on the market that could provide her and her team with all the features they needed to collaborate successfully, while still allowing them the freedom to set their own posting schedules, so she decided to implement the tool at the Sage Restaurant Group. Sendible now saves her team much needed time, by giving them the option to use bulk posting, as well as giving them the ability to leave social media on ‘autopilot’ when other responsibilities take preference. Sendible allows Tara an easy way to give feedback to her team on the content they are producing, as well as successfully create reports for each restaurant and social media channel, allowing her to confidently present these results to her management team.

When other responsibilities take preference, Sendible allows us to be able to put our social media on autopilot for a bit.


Using Sendible has increased the social media content the teams are producing, has provided consistency in posting schedules, and in turn, has had a positive impact on increasing customer engagement, allowing more two-way conversations between the restaurant and customer to take place on the social media channels.

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