Olive and Milo’s primary offering is social media. They turned to Sendible to provide them with a trusty social media management tool that they now use to manage their growing client list and provide these clients with an accessible portal, that gives them clear visibility on their social media channels.

30 x Large Clients
100 + Monthly Social Posts
200 $ Saved Monthly


Olive and Milo started as a result of founder Sophie Rabe, successfully growing her adopted pig, Olive’s, Instagram feed to over 31k followers. Olive is now insta-famous, and Sophie has a successful business where she uses her skills and knowledge of social media to help other brands and clients go on to create brand awareness, increase their social engagement and have social media success - just like Olive.

Working with a range of large companies, Olive and Milo are continuing to grow significantly, now servicing a diverse range of over 30 clients, from well known publications to statewide insurance agencies as well as non-profit organizations.

Offering predominately social media, Sophie does, on occasion, work with other marketing professionals to give her clients the full agency experience should they require it.




As social media is the main offering Olive and Milo provide, Sophie knew she needed a tool in place that she could trust to provide her with a hub she could use to not only craft her clients’ social posts, but also a tool that could be used to monitor and track brand mentions and respond to customers. As some of Olive and Milo’s clients prefer to login to see what is happening on their social profiles, the tool needed to be easy enough for them to navigate.

Olive and Milo wanted to be able to successfully export the calendar of social posts they were creating to be able to get client sign off every month. Their former tool was not able to successfully export the calendar in a visual way that Sophie liked. Olive and Milo wanted to show their clients the ROI of their social channels, so they could better understand the importance of social engagement and the work the agency is doing for them.



The automated reports are great - I’m not building individual reports for 30 clients every month, which is amazing!


As the previous tool was not working for Olive and Milo, Sophie made the decision to shop around for an alternative. While no decision was taken lightly, Sophie turned to Sendible due to the ease of the calendar and reports exportation, and their visual look and feel.

Sophie felt Sendible was user friendly both for herself and her clients, and allowed her clients to be a lot more hands on in the creation stage.

I’m saving about $200 a month too from what I was paying before with your competitors.


After implementing Sendible, Sophie confirms she has significantly increased her productivity and saved not only time, but $200 per month as well. Olive and Milo use the Bulk Uploading feature to upload their monthly content calendar to Sendible in one go, as well as the Smart Posts feature which allows them to tailor the same message to different social platforms without having to recreate the same post individually. Sophie can confidently export the visual calendar to share with her clients so they have a better view on what they can expect to see on their social media during that month.

Olive and Milo have set up automated reports to ensure these go out automatically to over 30 of their clients every month. This saves time as they don’t need to manually set up these reports every month. Other than reviewing these reports briefly before they go out, Sophie can be confident her clients will have full view of their social media growth and engagement Olive and Milo are achieving for them monthly.

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