How To Leverage AI for Social Media Posts: Take Your Content To the Next Level
AI in Social Media

How To Leverage AI for Social Media Posts: Take Your Content To the Next Level

3 June, 2024
7 min read
Lana Gerton

Imagine sitting at your desk, staring at a blank screen, trying to create the perfect social media post. Hours pass, and you find yourself going down a rabbit hole of endless scrolling, desperately seeking inspiration.

Sound familiar? 

We've all been there, struggling to create engaging content that stands out in the noisy world of social media. 

But what if I told you there's a game-changer that can transform your social media game? Enter AI.

In this blog post, I'll share my own journey of how leveraging AI for social media posts completely revolutionised my content creation process. 

Get ready to discover the secrets behind crafting captivating content, personalising your message, automating your workflow, and optimising your impact. 

Say goodbye to the struggles and hello to a social media strategy that shines brightly amidst the digital noise!

Our Secret ChatGPT Prompts for Agency Success

What is AI for social media posts

To break it down, AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is like the brain of a computer.

It allows machines to learn, think, and make decisions, like we do, but in a super-fast and intelligent way.

When discussing using AI for social media management, it's not about letting robots control our accounts and take over our social media marketing teams.

No, it's about harnessing this smart computer brain to help us create and share content that our followers will love.

Reasons you need to know how to leverage social media AI tools as part of your social media marketing strategy

An image created with the AI program Midjourney showing a robot standing in front of a display showing data

So, how does it fit into our social media marketing world?

Imagine having a helper that can:

  1. Suggest Topics: Have you ever felt stuck on what to post next on your social media channels? AI can analyse trends and topics your audience is interested in and give you fresh ideas.
  2. Optimise Posting Times: AI looks at when your followers are most active instead of guessing the best time to post and then suggests the optimal times to post on your different social media platforms.
  3. Personalise Content: AI can help tailor your posts based on what your followers like so they see more of what they love when they log in to their social media channels.
  4. Analyse Feedback: What  likes, shares, and comments mean? AI can sift through them, letting you know what's working and what's not.

So, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the constant need to post and engage, think of AI as that super-smart friend who always has your back, ensuring your social media channels are top-notch.

Of course, the quality of the output is directly related to the quality of the input, aka how detailed your brief is.

So ensure to download our prompts to get a better idea on how create them.

How to leverage AI for social media posts: Step-by-step

An image created with the AI program Midjourney showing a girl sitting and holding a monitor in her hands with various gadgets, data, and ideas popping around her.

Step 1: Choosing the right AI tool

Imagine embarking on a road trip without a map or GPS; you could get lost, right?

The same principle applies to using AI for social media.

Your first step is choosing the right tool, your "GPS," in the vast landscape of AI-enhanced social media strategies.

Selecting the ideal AI tool ensures you get the most out of AI, making your social media post stand out and resonate with your target audience.


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How to research and select an AI-powered tool suitable for social media content creation

Picking the right social media AI tools might sound daunting, but with some diligence, you'll find the perfect fit. Here's how:

  1. Understand your needs: List what you're looking for before diving into the options. Do you want post ideas, holiday campaign plan, ad copy, or lists of hashtags?
  2. Read reviews: Like buying a new gadget, you want to see what other users say. Check out reviews, ratings, and testimonials.
  3. Try before you buy: Many AI tools offer free trials or demo versions. Use these to test if a tool meets your needs, is user-friendly, and how the platform can help you create social posts.
  4. Consider your budget: While AI tools are an investment, there's a range to fit various budgets. A balance between what the tool offers and its cost.
  5. Support and updates: Opt for AI tools that provide good customer support and frequent updates, ensuring you're always ahead in social media marketing.

Remember, the goal is to find the best AI tool that complements your social media content strategy, making the AI integration seamless and effective.

Note: There might not be one AI social media tool that fits your social media marketer needs, so feel free to utilise multiple!

Step 2: Setting up the AI tool

Sign up and create an account once you've chosen the AI tool. 

If available, take advantage of the customisation options the content generator offers to align the generated output with your brand voice and style.

To maximise your use of the AI tool, explore training materials and tutorials provided by the tool's developers.

Please familiarise yourself with its functionalities and capabilities so you could create the best possible briefs.

Before incorporating the AI tool fully into your social media content creation process, test its output and analyse its performance.

Experiment with different settings and make any necessary adjustments to optimise the results.

Setting up the content generator feature of the AI tool correctly will lay the foundation for effective and efficient content generation.


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Step 3: Creating engaging headlines and opening lines

Want to increase social media audience engagement?

Crafting attention-grabbing social media captions and opening lines is the secret sauce.

And guess what? AI tools can make it easier than ever! Here's how:

  1. Choose the right content type for your social media platform and goals, then give social media tools some context with relevant keywords.
  2. Set the tone that matches your brand and target audience – formal, casual, funny, or authoritative. The AI tool can handle it all.
  3. Get ready for options galore! The AI tool generates multiple variations, letting you experiment and find the perfect fit.
  4. Now comes the fun part – evaluate the generated headlines and openings based on relevance, engagement potential, and brand alignment. Make tweaks and combine suggestions to refine them even further.
  5. Time to put your winning choices to work! Implement them into your social media posts and closely monitor their performance. Pay attention to likes, comments, shares, and click-through rates to see what resonates with your audience.

Step 4: Crafting Captivating Content

Crafting captivating content is a crucial step in engaging your social media audience.

With the help of AI tools, you can optimise the length and readability of your content to ensure maximum impact.

Leverage the AI tool to analyse your writing and provide suggestions for improvement. Try out a tool like Grammarly to perfect your copywriting efforts.


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It can help you identify lengthy sentences or complex language that may hinder readability.

Utilising the tool's recommendations can streamline your post ideas and make them more concise and digestible for your audience.

You can grab their attention and keep them hooked on your social media marketing message.

Pro tip: Try out an AI writing assistant tool for your more long-form, written content like a blog post.

You can use anything from ChatGPT and Grammarly, to Hemmingway and HubSpot's AI feature.

Step 5: Enhancing visuals with AI-generated graphics

Visuals play a vital role in capturing your audience's attention on social media.

Using AI image tools, you can take your visual game to the next level by creating stunning graphics. Integrate the AI photo tool into your design process to generate eye-catching visuals that align with your brand.

From compelling images to striking infographics, the AI tool can assist in creating visually appealing graphics that enhance your social media posts.

With its assistance, you can effortlessly elevate your content and stand out in the crowded digital landscape.

Step 6: Personalizing content for different audiences

Personalisation is key when it comes to connecting with your target audience on social media platforms.

With AI tools, you can take personalisation to the next level by tailoring your social media posts to target specific audience segments.

Start by analysing your audience data and gain insights into their preferences, behaviors, and demographics.


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Having this information will help you understand the unique needs and interests of different segments within your audience.

Use social media AI tools to generate personalised social media captions or suggest high-quality video content based on these insights.

If you make short form video content of your own, you can take advantage of tools like AI video caption generators to better engage your audience too.

From customising messaging to recommending relevant topics, AI can craft highly personal posts.

By personalising your social media posts and crafting killer captions, you can foster stronger connections with your audience and drive higher engagement.

Key considerations for successfully leveraging AI for social media posts


  • Understand your audience: Before leveraging AI for social media management, ensure that you have a clear understanding of your target audience's preferences, interests, and demographics.
  • Choose the right toolkit: AI content creation tools can take you onsly so far (for now). So ensure you have a good social media tool that aligns with your specific goals and requirements.
    Consider factors like ease for use, customisation options, and compatibility with your social media platforms or trying out collaboration tools to further your audience reach!

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  • Experiment and iterate: Feel free to experiment with different variations of AI tools and websites. Test different headlines, openings, and visuals to see what resonates best with your audience.
    Continuously analyse and refine your approach based on performance data.
  • Maintain brand consistency: While AI can assist in generating content, it is essential to ensure that all posts align with your brand's voice, style, and values.
    Review and customise AI-generated suggestions to maintain a consistent brand identity.
  • Stay up-to-date with trends: AI can help you keep a pulse on your industry's latest trends and topics.
    Utilise AI-powered tools to gather insights and stay relevant in your social media content strategy.
  • Monitor and adapt: Regularly review the social media analytics on your AI-created posts for all of the different social media channels you are on.
    Identify patterns and trends to understand what content drives engagement and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Keep human touch: AI is a powerful tool, but remember to add a human touch to your social media posts. Personalise and engage with your audience authentically to foster meaningful connections.

Taking it to the next level: How to make AI work for social posts

  • Understand your audience better with sentiment analysis. Tailor content that resonates emotionally.
  • Boost customer support with AI chatbots, providing instant assistance and leaving a lasting impression.
  • Use AI to come with ideas to host live streaming event. Get your business more exposure!
  • Stay ahead of the competition with AI-driven competitive analysis. Seize hidden opportunities.
  • Embrace AI's limitless possibilities. Innovate to captivate and succeed on social media.
  • Create a blog and leverage AI to write high-quality blog posts

Wrapping up and my personal experience

These strategies and insights have provided you with a fresh perspective on harnessing the power of AI for social media.

As an AI blogger, I've seen firsthand how businesses can transform their online presence and engagement by leveraging these social media tools.

In fact, I recently had the opportunity to work with a client who implemented AI chatbots and sentiment analysis into their social media management and strategy.

The results were astounding – not only did they experience a significant increase in customer satisfaction, but their brand's reach and engagement skyrocketed as well.

It's truly incredible what AI can do for your social media management game.

If you're ready to take your social media presence to the next level, check out Sendible’s social media management tool.

With its social media management platform, you can effortlessly streamline your content creation, scheduling, and analysis.

Take advantage of the chance to supercharge your social media strategy with AI.


Is there an AI to create social media posts?

Yes, there are AI tools specifically designed to create social media posts!

These AI-powered platforms utilise natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to generate content ideas, suggest captions, and even provide image recommendations.

How do I use AI to grow my social media?

Use AI to grow your social media by leveraging social media content creation AI tools that automate daunting tasks, provide guidance, and suggest content ideas.