Here's what you'll find in our collection of prompts:

tickboxVideo marketing campaign: Lights, camera, action! Create captivating videos from ideation to scripting, and boost their impact on social media.

tickboxUser-generated content campaign: Let your audience shine! Get ready to showcase the best user-generated content and reach new heights of engagement.

tickboxSocial media content plan: Unleash your content planning prowess and slay the social media game!

tickboxSocial media lead magnet promotion: Hook your audience with irresistible lead magnets, even when your copywriter is out sick.

tickboxHashtag campaign: Hashtag domination awaits! Command attention and boost engagement with Sendible's strategic hashtag campaign prompts that make your audience go #Wow!

tickboxSocial media contest or giveaway: Level up your brand visibility and participation rates with ChatGPT contest prompts – the key to turning ordinary campaigns into extraordinary ones!

tickboxInfluencer collaboration campaign: Collab like a boss! Get inspired and create influencer magic with unique ideas and tips for enhanced engagement.

tickboxBrand awareness campaign: Stand out in the social media crowd! Craft impactful brand awareness campaigns with prompts for content strategies and viral hooks – your agency's new BFF.

tickboxSocial media ad campaign: Advertise like a pro! Maximise your ad performance and captivate target audiences.

tickboxSocial media product launch campaign: Generate buzz, excitement, and successful product launches with our strategic prompts and viral hooks – it's time to conquer the market!

a preview of chatgpt prompts for social media campaigns