Social Media & The Elections: A Tool For Both Candidates & Voters?

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Has social media management become a game changer in the elections? How have online mentions tweaked the type of relationship between voter and candidate? A relationship that is built mostly on constant communication which turns into the incentive to vote, it’s the core of every win. Surely judgements are based on history and evidence but, carefully aimed rhetoric and speech is often powerful enough to steer the course.

Social media proves the power of words as they spread radically across the web. It provides a chance to reach all eyes and ears that are eager to learn, helping to determine the next leaders of our country. Whether it’s a voter looking for their best interest or a candidate working to win, during the elections social media management is a tool for everyone.

A vote relies on communication and social media has a crucial role to play. Sendible, social media management software, shows a sentiment analysis of the top 5 candidates summarising the general public feeling expressed towards each political figure. Social media management will never perfectly predict results, but it can give an idea. A lot can be drawn from focussing on online voter behaviour, where opinions can somewhat reflect actions. A large amount of social media engagement shows a lot of interest and that can reflect in the large amount of votes displayed during results. Nothing is for certain obviously, but when has that stopped us from speculating?

Zooming into a bit more detail on the online relationship, we find politicians are building their personalities through their social media profiles. They have become easy to relate to, it’s no longer just about the difference they can make but also about who they are. It’s become more personal and therefore pretty social in the media, we learn more about their families, personal stories about their children and what it means for them to run the country.

Voters are also getting a kick out of social media, they can express their opinions from their comfort zone. Where it used to be a conversation amongst themselves reacting to a debate, it’s now a conversation with the world where every thought is exposed. Politicians are listening very carefully and certainly reacting each step of the way to increase their chances of winning, however infinitesimal it might be. A significant amount of mentions on one topic can prompt them to bring up the topic lightly in their next interview for eager listeners, responding at the right time when it matters the most. This is only made possible with social media management tools.

Whether candidates are replying directly to comments, spreading excitement, adding that personal touch or learning how to choose their words and topics in their presentations, social media management definitely has a big part in the elections. Before anything, it remains a tool for every local to be heard.




Manal Bouchacra

Manal Bouchacra

Manal is interested in social media and is working on her creative writing skills. Outside of work she enjoys the gym and hanging out with friends and family.


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