Three Steps to turn your Social Media Leads into Closed Deals

I don’t often trust in anything that involves the word productivity. It’s just so overused and, more often than not, because people aren’t properly trained and lack a plan to implement them, I think technological solutions only serve to cause more mind and desktop clutter. But they do have their value, only when they work together logically and are only introduced when a plan of action is ready to be executed.

If you are using a social media marketing tool like Sendible, you are definitely building great leads. The stats speak for themselves. If you’re a B2B, you will double your leads by just using Twitter regularly. Plus, each tweet acts like a linkback, which certainly helps your SEO. Sendible lets you schedule and track all your social media activity in one convenient location.

The problem is that, for most companies, it all stops there. They have these fantastic social media leads ripe for the picking, but they do nothing to convert those leads into deals and eventually repeat customers. That’s why today I’m going to give you the barebones tricks  to turn a social media follower into a long-term client, in three easy steps.


Use a CRM to turn Followers into Leads

It’s all about how you organize it. A customer relationship management system -- Quote Roller integrates with fabulous array of them! -- is just that, a way for you to build and organize your client relationships. Social networks are still being integrated (pun intended) into the crowded marketplace, but if you have a CRM that plays well with your professional social networks, you’re ahead of the game. This means your CRM is keeping track of each point of contact with your prospect, from that Twitter back-and-forth, to each email and call.

Then you can schedule your next actions so you don’t forget. Use Sendible's social media management tool to schedule your sharing of their content to build loyalty, and then use your CRM to time proper lead nurturing. If you are offering a team-based service, this can be done by various members, all in one place.

And when you’ve thoroughly nurtured those leads -- after an average of five to 12 points of contact -- and you feel you’ve hand-held them down the sales funnel to being a truly qualified lead, it’s time to send them a business proposal.


Reflect Client Needs in a Persuasive Proposal

At Quote Roller, we are all about making writing a professional proposal easy. We streamline and automate creating, sending, tracking and signing, so you can then focus on customizing your sales process to reflect your understanding of your leads.

You should start by creating a series of proposal templates for the different chunks of services you offer. With a little output up front, you can spend the rest of your days spending about 15 minutes per proposal, tweaking (not twerking) each section to suit your lead’s needs (unless it’s Miley Cyrus, then perhaps a bit of twerking is needed.)

Then once you send your sleek proposal off, this pensive time is when you should reactivate your Sendible and CRM juices, by planning passive reminders of how great you are -- again scheduling shares of their content and perhaps sending them a fantastic ebook or other free and useful content. With Quote Roller, you know exactly when your prospect has opened your proposal and if they’ve commented or electronically signed it. Most importantly, you get real-time analytics as to how long he or she is looking at each section. This allows you to perfectly time followup and to anticipate objections.


Follow Socratic Method to Overcome Objections

Before calling your lead to try to close that deal, try two things. First, stalk their socials a little. See what they are talking about lately, it might give you insight into their mood or even ideas that are important to him. (It’s also good to do this before your first call on them too, making it much less of a cold call.) Then, make sure you look at what they are spending time considering in your proposal -- the longer the time spent staring, the higher likelihood of objections. FYI: Half the time, no matter what they say, it’s about money.

Keep this in the back of your open mind when you call them. Always ask them open-ended questions like “What do you think?” Just don’t forget to actually ask for the sale, with something like “What would make you sign today so we can get started on soothing that pain point for you?” If you put their needs and objections first, you’ll be more likely to get that accepted deal in the end.


Automate to Build Better Relationships

The strongest value in automation is actually getting the chance to build personalized relationships with your clients. Often, you are so busy juggling all your start-up balls that you forget some clients. It’s natural. With SaaS solutions, you can keep your business organized in the cloud and time each step of your lead nurturing process. From first encounter on Twitter or LinkedIn to newsletters and phone calls to finally sending their proposal, when technology is implemented well, it assures you can provide a better service.

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- How to add social media and sales tracking into your work routine while actually saving a significant amount of time

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