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Facebook Retargeting Ads: 5 Audiences You Should Target

Making use of Facebook retargeting ads can mean a spike in the ROI of your Facebook Ad campaigns. Utilise these five methods for paid audience retargeting.

Best Practices paid advertising Facebook

A Short but Comprehensive Guide for Advertising on Social Media

Advertising on social media doesn't need to be daunting! Choose the best network, content and format so you get the most ROI.

Best Practices Twitter instagram LinkedIn strategy paid advertising Facebook

12 Instagram Ad Examples to Inspire You

Learn how advertising on Instagram brought immense success to brands like Illy, Levi's and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Best Practices Social Media Marketing instagram paid advertising

5 Techniques for Improving PPC Campaigns with Little Effort

PPC campaigns have proven to be a reliable way to generate leads for all types of businesses. Get crafty with these five tips & get even more quality leads.

Best Practices ppc paid advertising


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