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Everyone has physical limitations on what they can and cannot do, even if often they don’t like to admit it.

But the KPIs demand more revenue, more leads, more followers, more engagement more mentions - just more everything! You feel like you need more screens, more hands, more manpower, more budget - anything to deal with the mountain of work that social media can create.

Everyone from a small business owner to an international corporation has to deal with resource constraints, making it almost impossible to manually respond to all conversations.

That is why social media automation could be just what you need. It helps saves you time and money, increases your effectiveness and helps you meet those all important goals!


5 marketing challenges that social media automation solves

1. Dealing with the volume of responses on social media

Twitter is a great medium for starting conversations with anyone, anywhere. But, with 313 million users worldwide (source: Statista), manually sorting through the sea of mentions to find relevant ones is like the needle in the proverbial haystack.

One solution is to search using keywords to identify conversations where people have already expressed an interest in your area of expertise, product or mentioned one of your competitors. Which is where automated social media content streams can help.

Growing your social media following can be an arduous and lengthy process. It’s difficult to find the resources to be first to engage with every prospect, replying or retweeting whenever relevant posts appear. Thankfully, whether it is welcoming new followers, responding to mentions about specific subjects or sharing others relevant content, our Twitter automation can help you grow your leads and followers.


2. Finding and engaging with your community

Instagram is one of the fastest growing networks and we all want more engagement on it. But it can be a painful process, especially when you manage Instagram for multiple clients/brands. The strategies and tactics are there (and you have probably read them), but the hours of Instagram profile-switching, hashtag-searching and screen-tapping is enough to drive any marketer to despair.

That’s where our Instagram automation tool comes to the rescue. This social media automation helps users to like photos based on hashtags within each post. If your focus is follower growth, then our auto-follow feature is a life-saver, with a nifty auto-unfollow feature - if they don’t follow you back. It works best with specific rather than general hashtags, e.g. #socialmediamanagement or #lifewelltravelled, as evidenced by leading travel agency isango!.


3. Sourcing and sharing high-quality relevant content

Anyone dipping their toes in social media or content marketing soon realises that “always having something to post” is the greatest challenges there is. And while you can fill a part of your schedule with original images and posts, you will still need other content to share (even if you repurpose content in a smart way).

RSS feeds (subscriptions to blogs) are a great way to source content from sources you trust. Automatically sharing posts from your RSS feed, is a social media automation you want to have in place. By using our RSS Auto-Poster, relevant content is automatically posted on your behalf or moved into a queue to be sent in the future.


4. Providing fast and effective customer service

While most social networks have a notifications system, often comments and mentions are buried by mountains of other posts. To help you quickly and easily find all of those needles in your social media haystack, our social listening features not only help you to prioritize all mentions by listing and grading them with a traffic light system to signify positive, neutral or negative sentiment they also allow you to assign them as tasks to your colleagues.

By allowing automation to prioritize your messages, you can deal with the most urgent messages first. As a result, customers get quicker responses, support issues and sales enquiries are dealt with by the right person. And, most importantly, the satisfaction rate of your customers gets higher.


5. Housekeeping

Trolls are everywhere, and they can ruin a perfectly fine post or conversation with ease. While deleting messages on social media is never a good idea, being able to moderate them is the next best thing. By having the right tool in place, you can deal with such messages much quicker as no mention goes unnoticed.

To bring it one step forward, you use social media automation to moderate comments and/or posts on your behalf. Our Facebook Page Auto Moderator allows community managers to automatically moderate the comments of fans, to make sure that those that could damage their brand’s reputation are identified and dealt with.

Veronika Baranovska

Veronika Baranovska

Resident marketer at Sendible. Into social media and blogging for more than six years and well-versed in all digital marketing channels. My biggest daily driver is creating useful content that helps others grow and saves their time, so if it does for you, let me know on Twitter or Linkedin!


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