Looks Like Technology and Software is no Longer just a Boy's Club

Technology, software and the sciences are all industries traditionally dominated by males, with men outnumbering women 7 to 3 in the Tech industry! 

Thankfully, things are slowly changing. Today you can find women in all industries, at all levels and in all professions. Although the gender gap is slowly closing at 23.5%, it does still exists and can be felt very keenly in certain areas and professions. The process of eliminating gender discrimination is proving to be a slow process, with many experienced female professionals confirming this through their published memoirs on reputable sites such as Forbes.

Interestingly enough, start-ups in the historically male-dominated technology sector seem to be leading the way in closing the gender gap, by introducing a whole host of female and minority role models to the public. Today we're witnessing female-founded startups taking over the scene in big cities like Chicago, and woman playing key roles in key positions in global technology phenomena like Facebook and Yahoo. The question is, why does it seem to be more organic in these new emerging environments?

Perhaps the flatter structure and need for creativity across the board has shifted the focus from a stereotypical idea of an employee for a role (often defined by gender and degree) to multi-tasking, talented professionals who wear many hats at once. As a result, women are able to find a more even playing field in this environment. Innovation, productivity and the ability to adapt quickly trumps strict 9am-5pm working hours, rigid role definitions and conservative working cultures.

As pointed out by the Evening Standard in their Business Recruitment section, Sendible is one of the technology start-ups where you can see this in action. Whether it be in sales, marketing, support or development, women are playing a key role in the growth and success of the company. As Sendible CEO Gavin Hammar says, “the talent, competency and value a PERSON adds to the team is the only deciding factor. Gender is just the package the person comes in”.

Stacey Berold-Kutscher

Stacey Berold-Kutscher

A content and cupcake enthusiast who enjoys reading, writing and losing myself in nonsense TV shows. Lover of, and believer in, the written word. And with a whole lot of Digital and Inbound Marketing experience too.


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