Social Media has been quickly gaining top position as most favorite marketing technique. Although, all time favorite SEO is giving it quite a tough time yet many marketers are using it to develop business. Social media works under basic technique of sharing and this sharing is mostly dependent on the content that you create. Relevant content with suitable insertion of keywords also helps to manage SEO and brings more traffic to your website.

Social media works under proper planning; you cannot claim success unless you have a properly designed strategy to develop your business through social media. If you are not achieving your target from social media, this is the time when you must check if your social media plan is result oriented? Following are some effective tips to create a result oriented social media plan.

Improved User Experience:

Business is all about how your customers feel about your product and service. Are they satisfied with what you offer or do they need something different? Social media is a platform that can provide you an effective chance to get involved with your customers. Make sure that you plan your updates, tweets and statuses in such a way that more and more customers are inclined to join the conversation and share their experience. Many pages use the tactic of asking explanatory questions like “what you need more on our page”, “what you expect our next product to be?” and more.

Is Your Social Media Campaign Focused?

One of the main reasons of failure of any social media campaign is that the marketer chooses to launch its campaign on different types of Media at a time. Keep in mind that you cannot manage Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and Blogging all at one time, unless you choose to outsource work. Instead you should design your marketing campaign in such a way that you gradually establish and stabilize one platform and then move to another. You ought to stay focused and make goals for every week. Try to achieve all the commitments and maintain steady presence on all of your target social media platforms.

Avoid Imposing Your Thoughts, Opinion and Product Ideas:

Two way conversations work better than imposing your thoughts and ideas. Let your customers speak; listen to their concerns, suggestions, demands and requests. Occasionally entertain your customers’ demands and requests and allay their concerns politely.

Strategy to Deal with Online Criticism:

No other open platform is better than operating a social media presence. If there are ten who appreciate your product, there will be 20 who do not like one or other aspect of your service. People will blatantly complain, accuse and point a finger at your service or product. Show some patience, do not delete comments from your customers no matter how harsh they might sound. If the complaints are genuine, try to sort out matters. Make sure that you constantly check for updates, comments and complaint so that nothing goes unnoticed. With passing time your consistent presence and timely handling of complaints will create a positive impression on new and existing customers.

Keep Your Customers Up-to-Date:

Customers like up-to-date and fresh information. A good social media plan should focus on consistent posting. Use all forms of content, i.e. written, videos and images. Make use of the content wisely and take your customers with you in every conversation.

Give Response:

Ensure that there is a flow of communication between brand and the customers. Always respond to the posts, no matter how small the response may be.

Show Your Commitment:

Social media is all about commitment and time. You cannot expect success within a few weeks or in a few months. Social media usually gives results after at least six to eight months. During this period you might develop a few followers or a hundred followers, but a steady commitment within this period of time will definitely give positive response.

Show Your Professional Side:

While promoting your product on social media there are some rules and ethics that should be followed. No doubt communication between the moderator and followers is very essential, yet the moderator (You!) should keep in mind your professional ethics. Always remain calm and composed. Show your professional side no matter how harshly the other person is behaving. Sometimes you might experience some ill-tempered people, never lose your mind. After all it is also a battle of senses, may the best get the best share.

Guest Post:

Deepak Gupta is a successful online blogger and expert social media marketing consultant. He is associated with a reputed social media marketing company that provides social media marketing services and very well takes care of social aspects of various clients.



Guest Post

Guest Post

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