4 Content Marketing Goals That Need To Be In Your Next Campaign

One of the main challenges of every online business is to face the heavy competition when attracting people’s attention. With so much online traffic and free information from everywhere, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out.

If your main goal in the next campaign is to increase the number of leads, then it’s worth quickly reading through this article. Gavin Hammar, the founder of Sendible, a social media management software, previously shared his advice with the Telegraph.

At Sendible we deal with social media agencies and a wide range of businesses. They use our platform for scheduling posts that can drive leads to their sites. We are always on the look out for different approaches to content marketing that can increase the number of prospects coming in from social networks.

Gavin explains the main idea behind content marketing is to accumulate a large audience that will increase your chances of having potential customers roaming your website. Here are 4 goals he believes are the essential ingredients of content marketing, regardless the type of industry or business you’re in.

1. Adding Value

When you’re drafting content you should have the audience in mind. Ask yourself why your piece is valuable, if you don’t have an answer then it’s probably not worth publishing until you do. Don’t forget people are browsing online not shopping. After reading your post, the reader should end up in either one of two states:

  • S/he has learnt something that can influence their work or their life
  • S/he is left in a better mood, whether it’s because they were entertained or motivated

Make sure you are aware of your audiences’ background such as their profession and the market updates they might be finding useful.  Try out different news and entertainment posts to observe what gets the most engagement.

2. Posting Useful Content

The best way to guarantee useful content is to find out what questions people are asking online. Learn about their challenges and aim to generate content around different solutions that might be ideal.

Following trends is also useful, there is a reason why it’s trending, it’s because the majority is wondering about the topic. It’s worth being part of the noise.

3. Engaging Conversation

A conversation starts when two speakers are interested in the same topic. Listen to what others are saying online and try to engage on a deeper level with what they’re talking about.

Research the relevant topics and become interested yourself to start engaging genuinely. Track certain keywords to find out what others are thinking and try to merge ideas together to increase traffic from those who want to find out more.

4. Building a Relationship

A big factor that determines whether relationships are built or broken is loyalty. It’s the core ingredient for building trust with your audience. If you consistently listen to their needs and answer their questions, they will keep coming back to your blog for more support they can’t find as readily elsewhere. Follow their updates and give a shout-out to whoever re-tweets you, that’s how a relationship starts.

So these are the 4 tips from Gavin on content marketing, it's mainly about paying attention to your audience and carefully curating content to meet the needs of others. Do you think there's more to it? What factors do you consider when posting content?

If you'd like to know more about how Sendible helps increase traffic and leads to your website, please get in touch with us either through the comments below, social media or support@sendible.com.

Manal Bouchacra

Manal Bouchacra

Manal is interested in social media and is working on her creative writing skills. Outside of work she enjoys the gym and hanging out with friends and family.


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