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The fashion market is a crowded and competitive place. So many companies and brands are contending for championship that it seems almost impossible to impress your customers with something new. Yet, they always find new ways to engage and inspire them.

The trick is to keep the pace with your customer desires and technology that evolves continuously. This is what modern fashion marketing campaigns are all about.

Successful marketing techniques are defined by several major industry trends, including fashion technology and digital marketing. New brands and approaches appear every day which makes it so easy to get lost in between choices when you’re about to launch a new product on the fashion market.

So to make sure that you won’t get stressed out over this uncertainty, here are six creative fashion marketing campaign ideas for the next season or product you are launching. Some of these tips will only require some time, while others will work with a small budget or some help from a developer.


Fashion marketing campaign ideas for a brilliant online presence

1. Focus on your signature staple piece

There are several basic staple pieces in the wardrobe of any man or woman, so when launching your new fashion collection or product, make sure that you focus on the unique, trademark features of your staple piece that people can relate to.


Coco Chanel's Little Black Dress image source: littleblackdress.co.uk


Need an example? In the 1920’s Coco Chanel and Jean Patou created the infamous little black dress that would be affordable, neutral yet elegant and suitable for every occasion. And among other Coco Chanel’s creations, this signature piece has survived the most challenging times and is still considered to be a must-have for all women.

When preparing your fashion marketing campaign, put your signature piece front and center. In fact, you can even dedicate the whole campaign to a single piece, putting emphasis on how it will suit every person in your target audience.

Get your customers excited with a fresh angle, fun copy, beautiful images or proof that this truly is the piece they need to own. No matter what your signature staple piece is, it must have the potential to either become an essential or a fashion classic.


2. Collaborate with bloggers

Daniel Wellington's work with bloggers

image source: mediakix.com

Some of the best spaces to promote your products are personal blogs, vloggers on YouTube and influencers on Instagram. Running your marketing campaign on these platforms will make your campaign more visual and interactive. Influencer marketing is gaining traction and fashion brands are already taking it seriously.

Adriana Gastelum, also known as @Fakeleather, is a fashion blogger with over 103 thousand followers on Instagram. She is just one of the many bloggers who collaborate with Daniel Wellington, a well-known watchmaker brand. Thanks to this kind of collaboration with bloggers, this brand is considered to rule platforms like YouTube and Instagram (#danielwellington over 1.4 million hashtags).

They understand the value of influential bloggers and how they can influence thousands of people without spending huge amounts of money on advertising campaigns. Bloggers who actively share their genuine thoughts and unique experiences with their large follower base can be considered as influencers.

Take note, hiring an influencer who has nothing to do with your industry (especially to advertise your product) isn’t a thing anymore. The new generation of genuine influencers has overtaken the fashion marketing throne. So keep up with this new trend and reach out to bloggers or local social media influencers as part of your fashion marketing campaign.


3. Make improvements to your website

Monsoon's website

image credit: monsoon.com

Let's face it, you have to invest in a great website to promote your product successfully, especially if you are aiming to boost sales. All your current and future marketing campaigns can also be displayed here. The thing is, your website should be so interactive and personalized that your customers would willingly give up their time to browse through your interesting content and products.

But how can you promote your product on your website? One sure way is to create an interactive fashion lookbook. Many fashion brands, like Monsoon and Matalan, have created interactive digital lookbooks that have become signature features of their new collections. Create your own and make it a central piece of your website's homepage.

Online fashion retailer, ASOS has been making waves in e-commerce by making significant improvements in the usability and navigation to their site, including a ‘buy the look’ and ‘you will also love’ sections, and now, a visual search tool for their mobile app.

With the increased usage of augmented reality apps, another idea for your fashion campaign would be to create an online fitting room. This way, customers can create outfits according to their own taste, using items from your new collections. It’s also a great way to sell whole outfits, not single items.


4. Launch your fashion campaign on Facebook

Lacoste's Facebook Page

image source - Lacoste’s Facebook Page

Facebook has become a powerful platform for fashion designers. It is the largest social media community, uniting over two billion people worldwide (source: Facebook Newsroom).

With such a big pool of users, Facebook presents one of the best opportunities to introduce your new product to the world. But it’s all about using it right, you will need to create a content strategy for Facebook and make sure that your posts are perfectly branded.

Lacoste, one of the most famous brands worldwide, decided to use Facebook’s capabilities years ago. In 2011, the brand worked with a digital agency Netrada to increase sales and traffic to their online stores in France, United Kingdom and Germany.

Over the course of two months, they ran a series of Marketplace Ads with approximately 100 variants and each directed people to one of the three target markets. The main criteria that shaped the target filtering were Location, Gender, Age, Likes and Interests. This Facebook marketing campaign led to a 500 percent increase in conversion rates, making it a huge success. Lacoste has remained very active on their Facebook Page, posting photos and videos almost every day.

It helps if you already have a Facebook Page with an engaged audience. If not, a new season can be used to launch your fashion brand on this network as well. Don’t be afraid to spend money on targeted ads. After all, successful advertising is all about personalization.

You can also introduce a new hashtag that best describes your brand or product launch and use it on your Facebook posts as well as other social media channels like Twitter or Pinterest. This way new customers will know what to search for to find you.


5. Become active on YouTube

Chanel's YouTube channel

image source: Chanel’s YouTube channel

Today, it’s not uncommon for brands to create their channels on YouTube. It has a large community of creators who create personal and work-related content to share their experiences with the rest of the world.

It can be hard to gain success on YouTube for fashion brands, though. The high fashion house, Chanel created their YouTube channel over 12 years ago, but they are only now closing in on one million subscribers. Compared to famous vloggers and influencers, this number can seem small, but it’s much more impressive when we compare it to other fashion houses, like Lanvin (12K) or Louis Vuitton (167K).

YouTube is all about being genuine, so you must show this side to really succeed. To make your fashion marketing campaign personal, invite bloggers and influencers to try your products, sit in the first row of your fashion shows or, better yet, advocate your new product.

Creating quality videos and sharing them with the YouTube community will have an immediate effect and will be a great promotion for your brand.


6. Utilize Instagram

Zara's Instagram page

image source: Zara’s Instagram profile

Instagram has become one of the platforms people are obsessing over. Every day 500 million users are scrolling through their Instagram timelines in search for inspiration (source: TechCrunch).

Zara, a well-known fashion brand, has dedicated their Instagram page to showcase pieces from new collections by posting inspiring photos and videos for their audience. They now have over 22 million followers, which makes them one of the most followed fashion brands on Instagram.

However, Instagram isn’t just a social media channel where you post random photos anymore. You can make use of location-based tagging, Boomerangs (GIF-like images), video posts, live video and the recently added, Instagram Stories.

When using Instagram for business, be as creative as you can be. It’s a flourishing network which makes it easy to share visual content, collaborate with others and it can serve as the best promotion for your product if you come up with a unique idea and angle for your profile.


Wrapping Up

There are many ways how you can promote your fashion brand or launch a new product, but no matter what you choose, you should always be creative. Your brand has unique signature features which everyone will recognize if you present them in the right way. Stay personal - after all, your brand is your child, appreciate its uniqueness.

It’s fun how many bloggers start off as social media marketers or essay writers. If you ever need wonderful articles written about your product or brand, feel free to get in touch.

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