Social media requires real life social skills. We show you how behaving poorly online can be just as off putting as in real life!

Andie Anderson showed us how to lose a guy in 10 days, we share with you 10 common behaviors in social media management that can have the same impact on users:

 1.      Make no content sense

Sharing content of no real value to your readers is just as ineffective as leaving your stream blank. It’s important to understand the interests of your audience, to provide them with resources they find entertaining or useful when they check their personal newsfeed.

2.      Ignore the person talking

If people were generous enough to comment, then it’s best to follow up with some form of acknowledgement which will only take a few seconds. Take into account the diversity of your audience, from how they reply and where they are from. It can influence the choice of your posts or even your next campaign.

3.      Talk about yourself… a lot

No one likes aggressive promotion. While social media is for raising awareness on your services and product, it’s best to avoid broadcasting too much. Focus rather on what you can offer to the online community.

4.      Don’t reply

It will come across careless when queries are left unanswered on your social media channels. Take the time to listen carefully and make the effort to engage, so you can hopefully start building relationships.

5.      Be reserved

Cautious manoeuvres online will not go unnoticed. Likers are real people and they will sense if you are being reserved or too professional with your answers. Share your personality with them and adopt a transparent, honest approach when you are engaging.

6.      You don’t know what you want

It’s difficult to achieve results without any planning. Strategies can help you define your goals but they demand thought and commitment. Keep your content strategy in line with your communication goals and remember the importance of using relevant keywords.

7.      Have fake friends

Buying fake followers will show when you have no engagement on your page. Ignore the hype in quantity and invest time in gaining genuine fans.

8.      Me, myself and I

When carrying out social media activities, it’s important to keep the company brand in mind. Remember comments are not directed to you personally, so keep an honest and friendly tone viewers feel they can trust.

social media management 10 ways to lose a user9.      Let your cute puppy do the talking

Try to avoid delegating the ‘extra’ work social media demands to your new interns or juniors in the company. The audience wants your real voice and they will notice the difference, when you start sharing your professional thoughts online.

10.  Give a blank stare when confronted

Your responses to criticisms or bad mentions are more telling of the brand than the negative comment itself. Make sure negative sentiment is not left unattended, otherwise it can fester and lead to more dramatic interactions.


Manal Bouchacra

Manal Bouchacra

Manal is interested in social media and is working on her creative writing skills. Outside of work she enjoys the gym and hanging out with friends and family.


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