Last week we showed you how to start monitoring your brand and your competitors. Ok, great – you have an ear to your competitors’ profiles, you have selected your brand keywords, so the next question must be:

What do I do with this?

Keep reading, because we are going to explain how you can best utilize monitoring results once they’ve started coming in (and they will start coming in!)

What you do with this information is directly influenced by why you are monitoring. For example, if I set up a monitor with the intention of tracking mentions of my brand, I would likely want to follow up with anyone who reports a bad experience with the brand. If the mention has come through Twitter, I could respond directly from the Keyword and Brand Monitor using the reply option. Otherwise, for mentions from Facebook and Google+, I could alternatively use the ‘View Source’ option to go directly to the page the mention has come from so that I can respond on the social site (or of course, the priority inbox).

If I have a specific team member handling follow-ups like these, I could also assign specific mentions to them, indicating that I would like them to reply to these mentions as work tasks (essentially managing and monitoring tasks through the mentions fumction). The mentions will then appear in their ‘For Me’ view under the ‘Engage’ tab, allowing them to respond as needed.

It’s also likely I’ll need to report back with statistics on the mentions, for example positive comments vs. negative ones. The chart available directly on the monitor allows me to track this without ever leaving the page. If there seems to be a lot of negative mentions on a particular day, I can quickly verify and make sure those mentions are followed up on, or adjust sentiment if I feel they have not been understood correctly by the system. I can then check data for mentions using a Quick Report or include modules based on specific monitoring data I want to present to my client or boss in a Branded Report.

If instead I wanted to ­­­­­use the monitor as a lead generation tool, I could view more information about the person who made the mention.  If they have come through a social media channel I can reply back to anyone relevant to the industry I’m focusing on and then save that contact to follow up with at a later date.

Some people even use the Keyword and Brand Monitor as a content generation tool, reposting blogs, articles from news sites, positive mentions, etc. that they may have otherwise missed. Articles mentioning their brand or topics relevant to their industry can be shared to their own social channels through the Keyword and Brand monitoring results page. The option to filter by certain type of channels like microblogs (social sites like Twitter and Facebook) or news sites as well as responding in bulk means that you can use the same monitor for different needs. So really, what are you waiting for?!

Our advice? Don’t wait until people come to you. Stay one step ahead with ease and show that you are pro-actively addressing concerns and following up with happy customers to that you appreciate them. Use Sendible’s Keyword and Brand Monitor functions to improve your engagement, your timing and your reputation while generating leads at the same time.

Claire Van Hespen

Claire Van Hespen

Claire has been with Sendible for four years and knows the tool inside-out. When not at work, she can be found attached to her games controller, paint brush or with a book.


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