How to Turn Customer Feedback Into Amazing Social Media Posts for Your Clients

Sharing customer feedback on social media is a fantastic way to build trust with your audience and promote your client's brand. In this blog post, we'll show you how to utlize the data that review sites provide, so that you can create great social media

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How to Use Hashtags on LinkedIn to Grow Your Client Base

Have you ever considered using hashtags on LinkedIn? That's right - they're not just for Twitter anymore! This blog will help you understand the advantages of incorporating hashtags into your posts, as well as give you a rundown of what you should be

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How to Use Twitter Lists for Lead Generation, Influencer Marketing and Beyond

Do you know how to make the most out of Twitter Lists? This guide shows you how to create a Twitter List, and use them for various marketing activities - including lead generation, influencer marketing, and building client relationships.

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Picture Perfect: Photos Can Make or Break Your PR Campaigns

David Stoch, from Meerkat PR shares his expert advice on best practices for using pictures for your social media-driven PR campaigns.

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Successful Social Media Campaigns Require Planning

Social media campaigns shouldn't be seen as a series of individual posts. Planning is crucial if you’re setting out to run a successful campaign & gain ROI.

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Social Media Interview: Ivan Bayross at AICAR

Author and DIgital Marketing Consultant, Ivan Bayross, shares his expert marketing advice in this social media interview.

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Social Media Interview: Mandy McEwen at Mod Girl Marketing

Founder and CEO of Mod Girl Marketing, Mandy McEwen, shares her expert marketing advice in this social media interview.

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Social Media for Your Business: Is It Worth It?

Social media for business can feel tricky because of the common misconception that social media and its impact on your revenue is untraceable.

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Should SMEs Invest In Social Media?

Is it possible to monetise social media? How long does it take to prove its ROI? Most asked questions by SMEs answered by Sendible's CEO, Gavin Hammar.

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How Franchises Can Boost Their Social Media Effectiveness

Our CEO, Gavin Hammar, shares 5 tips on how franchises can increase their social media effectiveness and strengthen their position in local communities.

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Planning your client's calendar for 2019?

Did you know celebrating special occasions on social media can often help improve engagement rates? Think: #IndependenceDay.

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