Instagram Video: The Newest Online Battleground for Rival Brands

Instagram unveiled a brand new feature on June 20, 2013 and users love it. Photo sharers are now able to record and post videos up to 15 seconds long.
In the first 24 hours of the new feature, 5 million videos were posted. At the peak of the first night, more than 40 hours of footage was uploaded every minute.

Instagram video is a valuable opportunity for brands. The advertisement-length clips allow for a lot of creativity and can ultimately lead to more followers and greater brand loyalty. To help social media management tools like Sendible, enable you to monitor the buzz of your campaigns, engage with followers and measure results.

Many competing brands have already uploaded their first Instagram video. So who is doing it right with consumers and who needs to keep practicing? Each brand dukes it out as their first Instagram video is analyzed.

NY Yankees v. LA Dodgers

New York Yankees

Their Description: Paul O'Neill hits one out during #oldtimersday BP.

Our Description: Paul O’Neill, former Yankee in the 1990s and early 2000s takes a few strikes and hits the ball during the infamous Old-Timers’ Day – an annual event where retired players bring their skills to play a friendly game.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Their Description: Yasiel Puig fixing the Chopstick Challenge

Our Description: Puig, newly added Dodger outfielder from Cuba, picks up mini baseballs out of a bucket using only chopsticks.


So the Yankees and Dodgers aren’t exactly rivals, but the Boston Red Sox haven’t even posted a video yet (+1 for the Yankees). The Dodgers win on the number of likes while the Yankees win with comments.
The most important part is the actual video. Puig’s chopsticks skills are impressive, but seeing the former right fielder who won four World Series with the Yankees has any talent beat. So I guess that makes it another World Series (or Instagram Series) for the Yankees. Sorry, Red Sox fans.

AOL v. Mark Zuckerberg


Their Description: We're getting ready for #aolsummer giveaways for our followers. More details on how to win them soon!
Our Description: AOL is gaming up for an Instagram giveaway and shows off gear, like a paddle ball set, a tumbler and a bag, all stamped with the AOL logo.

Mark Zuckerberg

His Description: Beast bouncing around
Our Description: Mark Zuckerberg and his wife’s small dog, unfittingly named Beast, walks up and down the porch stairs.


Let’s face it – AOL is slightly outdated, while Facebook has more than 1 billion users. Yes, it’s nice that AOL is giving away freebies for their 13,000+ followers.
But when it comes down to it, Mark Zuckerberg has more likes, more comments and the better video. Nothing beats a video of a dog, even one that looks like a mop and bounces on the porch stairs. Zuckerberg and Facebook demolish AOL. This was hardly a competition.


Maybelline v. CoverGirl

Maybelline New York

Their Description: Cheers! It's happy hour in NYC! #ColorWhisper
Our Description: A martini glass with a busy New York City street in the background is filled with colorful Maybelline lipsticks.


Their Description: What better way to show off Flamed Out Mascara results than through Instagram video? #mascara #demo #covergirl #makeup #instavideo #beauty #flamedoutmascara
Our Description: A woman free of makeup applies CoverGirl mascara and shows off the results.


This one is another easy winner. Not only does CoverGirl slack in the number of likes and comments, but the video is simply not creative. We all know what mascara does to eyelashes. Maybelline’s video is colorful, artsy and, well, happy. The timing of the post was well-thought-out and the originality of the lipstick-filled glass gives Maybelline a sure win.

Urban Outfitters v. Gap

Urban Outfitters

Their Description: Here we go, Albert. #dogpatch #video #frenchie #uodogs #urbanoutfitters
Our Description: A French bulldog chews on an orange tennis ball.


Their Description: Our first #Instagram #video. Peace, love & social media.
Our Description: A pair of blue jeans are displayed on the side as a crossword puzzle is drawn. “Instagram” intersects with “Vine” and “Gap.”


A competition of the hipster clothing stores. Urban Outfitters earns points for the number of likes and comments. But Gap’s video is creative and high quality. Again though, back to the lesson of Mark Zuckerberg and AOL, dogs always win.While you might find the dog irrelevant to a clothing store, Urban Outfitters headquarters actually allows dogs at work. There is a dog park for employees and man’s best friend to enjoy. Urban Outfitters wins hands down.

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Guest author:
Ryan Harris is a copywriter for a wide variety of tech blogs who likes to “talk tech news and moon landings, but mostly tech news.” Ryan can be found on Twitter or you can shoot him an email with your questions.


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