Gavin Hammar, Sendible CEO, shares how businesses can use Social Media to drive sales.

Social Hire recently interviewed Gavin Hammar, CEO of Sendible. He discussed his insights on social media and shared tips on how to grow your business online. We’ve highlighted 4 takeaways from the interview below.

Focus on listening and not broadcasting

When marketing online, most businesses make the mistake of broadcasting messages about themselves. They then wonder why they receive such a low level of response. The key to becoming successful on social media is to seek out relevant conversations and to find ways to add value.

Gavin advises that businesses think of the ‘cocktail party scenario’ when it comes to social media. It’s important to listen to other conversations, rather than broadcast about yourself. By finding relevant conversations on social media and focusing on the important topics, businesses can be sure they are adding value to the most relevant interactions while at the same time, building influence.

Use social media as a lead generation tool

Social media should be used as a tool for sourcing leads and driving prospects to other channels. For this reason, Gavin believes that automated social customer relationship management (CRM) is an important feature in social media software and when done correctly, can be used to effectively stimulate a sales funnel at both the lead generation and nurturing stages. By utilizing a tool such as Sendible to initiate conversations with highly targeted prospects on social media, Gavin believes that social media can efficiently scale to become a constant source for extremely relevant leads. These leads can then be driven into other marketing initiatives, such as an e-mail or SMS campaign to be converted into actual sales.

Set goals and measure, measure, measure

When it comes to measuring ROI, it’s important to first consider what the campaign goals and objectives are. For example, if the main objective is to grow brand awareness, the metrics worth tracking are shares, retweets, views, comments, sentiment and audience growth. If, however, you are aiming to generate more sales, it would be more beneficial to track the flow of clicks from the promotional links posted to the website sales page. This can be done using a combination of links and Google Analytics.

Outsmart your competition by using a tool like Sendible

As an entrepreneur, Gavin understands how time consuming it can be for most small businesses to be effective at social media management. With so many demands from other areas of a growing business, business owners just don’t have the time or resources to create a meaningful social media strategy.

For this reason, he recommends that small business owners take advantage of the social media management tools which aim to simplify the process of successfully executing a social media strategy.

Sendible has made it their business to support startups and small business owners who don’t have the time to actively convert social media opportunities into leads and actual sales. Sendible’s social media listening and lead generation tools enable businesses to generate leads from social media while they sleep.

If you’d like to see how Sendible can help your business convert social media opportunities into actual sales and at scale, please register for one of our upcoming webinars here.


Manal Bouchacra

Manal Bouchacra

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