Sendible Is Proud to Be an Official Facebook Marketing Partner

Thanks to being an official Facebook Marketing Partner, Sendible offers powerful and user-friendly solutions for managing your Facebook marketing strategy in one place.

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How to Securely Request and Store Your Clients' Social Media Passwords and Avoid a €20 Million Fine

Stop asking clients to send their passwords over email and storing them in spreadsheets - it’s not worth the risk! Discover our new Client Connect feature.

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Schedule Google My Business Posts with Sendible

All you need to know about creating Google Posts for your client's Google My Business pages and offering this service at scale with our social media tool.

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Make Your Next Social Media Proposal Pop With These 2 Tips

Most agencies overlook the importance of a good social media proposal. Make yours impossible to refuse with these two distinct services.

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Instagram Scheduling Tools Available in Sendible

You need a reliable Instagram scheduling tool so that you can offer Instagram posting to more clients with confidence, at scale, and we've delivered.

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3 Social Media Trends to Expect in 2017

It's the perfect time to look ahead and predict the biggest social media trends for 2017 - live video, virtual reality and machine learning.

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Getting Started With Facebook Live Streaming

Best practice tips for getting started with Facebook Live, including logistics and repurposing ideas.

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How to Manage Instagram Using Sendible

Posting to Instagram manually is a time-consuming process. Learn how Sendible lets you easily plan your posts, monitor streams and check analytics.

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Chatbots Are the Next Evolution in Brand Interaction

Chatbots. What are they? Will they have an impact on customer service? Can they replace humans in all brand interactions? All these questions answered here.

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10 Facebook Video Strategies for Brands

Facebook videos are getting pretty big for brands. So here are 10 marketing tips that will boost your engagement on this social media network.

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Planning your client's calendar for 2020?

Did you know celebrating special occasions on social media can often help improve engagement rates?

Plan some of your content around trending dates with our free digital calendar for 2020, and impress your clients with your work! 💪

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