JDM Solutions Interview: Solving Small Business Marketing Challenges With Social Media

Digital agency owner, Javier D. Martinez shares his opinion on small business marketing and how social media can help attract new customers.

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How to Set Up an Instagram Account for Your Business

Instagram is a thriving social media network with over 700 million monthly active users. Learn how to set up an Instagram account for your business.

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6 Visual Content Types Worth Creating

In the age of content shock, you need to know what's worth creating. Discover the visual content types that are almost sure to create engagement.

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Proactively Monitor Your Client Brands With Social Listening

Don't let your client be the one who notices first. Use social listening to monitor the social web, identify customer pain points and respond quickly.

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Win the Trust of Your Clients with a Social Media Crisis Management Plan  

Download our crisis management plan to learn how to identify, prepare and handle a crisis for your clients' on social media.

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How to Utilize Storytelling for Brand Growth on Social Media

Learn how storytelling and appealing to human emotions can help you win more customers for your clients.

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Stay Ahead of Other Agencies With These Social Media Marketing Trends

Keeping up with the latest trends is important to stay ahead of the competition. As the world evolves into a more connected place and consumers demand more from brands, digital marketers are discoveri

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How to Use Twitter Like a Pro

From adding polls to posts and creating Twitter moments to using Boolean searches and investing money in ads. Here's how to use Twitter like a pro.

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21 Common Mistakes on Twitter to Avoid

With no edit button, Twitter easily lends itself to human error. Check these common mistakes on Twitter to avoid making your own.

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Twitter for Business: The Main Rules of Engagement

So, you have decided to use Twitter for business. Learn what it takes to succeed on this network and its three main rules of engagement.

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Missed Father's Day?


Celebrating events like Father's Day or National Cheese Day can often improve your engagement rates on social media.

Impress your clients with your creativity by publishing posts for trending holidays all year round.

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