Instagram Collaborative Posts 101: How to Maximize Your Reach

Instagram Collaborative Posts 101: How to Maximise Your Reach

2 October, 2023
5 min read
Freya Laskowski


When Instagram launched in 2010, no one really knew what it was about. It had different features than what everyone was used to, and the idea of "double-clicking" something for a heart to appear was quite foreign.

In 2023, however, almost the entire world knows of Instagram. The app has garnered the attention of many over the years and now has more than 2 billion active users. The time users spend on Instagram has certainly risen over the years, and in 2023, the average user now spends more than 30 minutes a day on the app. 

Instagram is always trying out new features and seeing what resonates best with its users. In 2021, Instagram launched collaborative posts, and it turns out they are here to stay. 

If you aren't sure what Instagram collaborative posts are about, then stick around – we are going to take a deep dive into all the ins and outs of these collaborative posts. 

Here's what we'll cover: 

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What are Instagram Collaborative posts

Instagram collaboration posts, which are often just called Instagram collabs, are when two or more Instagram users work together to create and share content. This feature allows users to co-author posts with other accounts.

These collabs can take various forms and serve different purposes. Still, they generally involve influencers, brands, or content creators teaming up to cross-promote each other and reach a wider audience. 

Instagram collabs can come about in a wide variety of ways. Although the possibilities are truly endless, let's check out three different types of Instagram collab posts. 

#1 Product Collaborations

Brands often collaborate with influencers or other brands to promote their products or services. 

Influencers or content creators may receive products to feature in their posts. This kind of collaborative post is quite popular for influences and niche brands in the wellness and beauty industries, among others. 

The influencer simply needs to collaborate with the brand, and they will be rewarded while the brand is rewarded through the influencer’s following. This is a key way to have a win-win situation for everyone.

#2 Takeovers

In a takeover, one user temporarily gains access to another user's Instagram account to post content. Through collaborative posts, this can be done as a joint reel or post where both the influencer and the brand collaborate with each other for a day. 

#3 Affiliate Marketing

Collaboration posts can also involve affiliate marketing, where users promote products or services with unique affiliate links, earning a commission for each sale generated through their links. 

This would be beneficial to the brand as the influencer is spreading awareness of the product, but also beneficial to the influencer as they would earn a commission. 

What are the benefits of using Instagram Collaborative posts

When done right, collab posts can be a key part of your content strategy. When you allow your brand to collaborate with another, you automatically boost your engagement and likes, as Instagram will consider those for the post or reel and not separate each post according to just one brand.

In 2023, Instagram opened the feature to allow up to 5 co-authors on a collab post. This means that your reach could be exponentially more than a regular post.

How to create Instagram Collaborative posts

Now that you have started to wrap your brain around what Instagram collab posts are let's dive into how to create an Instagram Collaborative post in 7 easy steps.

Step 1: Add the photo

A photo being added to Instagram

Step 2: Edit the photo as needed

A photo being edited in Instagram

Step 3: Click on tag people

A screenshot of a new post being created for Instagram

Step 4: Click on invite collaborators

A screenshot of an Instagram post being created

Step 5: Choose the collaborator

A screenshot of a collaborator being invited on Instagram

Step 6: Create a snazzy caption

A screenshot of a new post with a caption in Instagram

Step 7: Post the content and wait for the collaborator to accept

A screenshot of an Instagram post with pending collaboration

Now that you have created the Instagram collaboration post, you need to sit back and wait for the collaborator to accept your invite. When the account accepts the invite, their username will be added to the post, and the post will be shared with their followers too.

Remember that the collaborator can see all likes and comments on the post.

Note that if a collaborator wishes to, they may remove themselves at any time, and you may also remove the collaborator at any time.

How to accept an Instagram Collaborative post invite

Accepting an Instagram collaborative post invite is one of the easiest parts of the process.

A screenshot example of an Instagram Collaboration Request Source: Zik the Programming Guy

As a recipient of an invite, all you have to do is click accept, and the co-authored post will be live.

5 tips with examples of the best Collaborative posts

Now that you know how to create Instagram Collaborative posts, let's focus on the best and most creative ways to create exciting content for these posts.

Knowing how to use Instagram hashtags in 2023 is crucial, as well as making sure you tap into creating unique and inspiring carousels. The main focus should always be to keep your brand voice and create content that is strong and will cause your readers to be interested in reading more about your Instagram collaboration post.

Here are five key tips for creating the best Instagram Collaborative posts. 

 #1 Collab with someone in your niche

Hopefully, by now, your brand has a specific niche it is tied to. If this is the case, be sure you find someone within your niche to collab with. 

A screenshot of an Instagram Lego collab postSource: @marvelous_lego_nerd_14331

In the example above, two Lego Instagram accounts have collaborated on a post. This works well for both parties as their following is catered to Lego fanatics.

 #2 Collab through a giveaway

What's better than an Instagram collab? Why, an Instagram collab giveaway, of course!

An example of an Instagram Collaborative post with a giveaway.Source:

Giveaways can be a great way to interest more people. Studies show that an average of more than 34% of new customers are acquired through contests, so this is a great benefit to reap from.

Find a great giveaway within your niche, and create great Instagram collaborative posts to bring your brand results through engagement, likes, and follows.

 #3 Collab for a cause

By collaborating with that entity, allow your brand to show what cause they have a passion for. Studies show that 32% of donors are most likely inspired to give via social media, so create an Instagram Collaborative post for something the people behind the brand care about. 

This will bring great PR to the brand but also support something greater.


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 #4 Collab for a launch

Creating an Instagram Collaborative post is a great way to celebrate a launch. Since you are partnering with an influencer or another brand, your reach will be greater than if you simply posted on your own.

An example of an Instagram collaborative post for a bus launchSource: @smrtlover432

In the example above, an influencer and a transport influencer collaborated to launch a new bus line in their area. This is a great example of how a collab launch should be in action, especially if it involves something in your community.

#5 Collab with yourself

A benefit of being a social media manager is that you probably manage several accounts. You can use this to your benefit by collaborating one brand with another you manage. 

This will benefit both parties as it will increase the reach organically. Find something two of your brands have in common, create a collab post, and let both brands benefit from the campaign.

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Final thoughts on Instagram Collaborative [osts

In 2023, you should embrace every opportunity to grow your brand and reach new levels. Although relatively new, collaborative posts have already shown the world how effective they are, so they are probably here to stay for a while.

By leaning into Instagram collaborative posts, you can maximise your brand's engagement and followers on social media to reach new levels of marketing success.

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