Optimal Times for Posting on Social Media: Sendible’s Guide
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Optimal Times for Posting on Social Media: Sendible’s Guide

23 November, 2023
3 min read
Tricia Osazuwa

Do you even work in digital marketing if you've never googled " When's the best time to post on Instagram?" We certainly have.

Social media has had a huge impact on the success of businesses and how people promote their brands. However, with the increasing amount of content being pushed daily, marketers must (once again) find a way to cut through the noise and reach their target audience at the right time. Aka post at the 'best' time, aka optimal posting times. 

By identifying the optimal posting times, marketing professionals can ensure that their social media strategy aims for content to be seen by the right people at the peak times, increasing chances of engagement, interaction and ultimately - payday baby!

This quick guide will cover:

What are optimal times on social media?

Optimal posting time refers to the moment when it is strategically advantageous to share content on a social media platform in order to maximise audience engagement, reach, and interaction. 

It considers various factors, such as the specific behaviours and habits of your target audience, the patterns of the platform's algorithm, and the periods of peak activity for higher social media engagement.


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Quick benefits of posting at your optimal times

Content that shines: Posting when your target audience is most active enhances the likelihood that your content will appear in their feeds. This can lead to higher visibility and exposure.

Serious engagement: Optimal posting times align with periods when users are more likely to be online and engaged. This increases the chances of likes, comments, shares, and other interactions with your content.

Consistency is key: Consistently posting at optimal times helps establish a routine for your audience. Consistency is key to establishing brand awareness and creating trust among your followers.

Factors that affect optimal posting times:

  1. Audience Demographics:
    Different age groups, professions, and lifestyles may have varying online habits and peak usage times. Identifying or analysing your audience's characteristics can help tailor your posting schedule to their preferences.
  2. Platform-Specific Algorithms:
    Different social media platforms have varying user engagement and employ varying algorithms that determine the visibility of content. Understanding the algorithmic patterns of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be a guide in identifying optimal posting times to align with peak time visibility.
  3. Time Zone Variations:
    If your audience is spread across different locations, consider time zone differences. Optimal posting times should take into account the primary locations of your audience to ensure that your content reaches them when they are most active.
  4. Day of the Week:
    Analyse which days of the week your audience is most active. Depending on your industry and target audience, there may be specific weekdays when engagement is higher. For instance, weekdays might be more effective for business-related content, while weekends could be ideal for entertainment posts.
  5. Content Type and Format:
    Different types of content may perform better at specific times. For instance, visual content like images and videos might be more engaging during evening hours, while educational content may gain traction during lunch breaks or early morning.
  6. Seasonal Variations:
    Some industries experience seasonal fluctuations in user activity. Retailers, for example, might see increased engagement during holiday seasons. Adjust your posting schedule to capitalise on these seasonal trends.

Optimal Time Scheduling on Sendible 

Manually considering all those factors can be overwhelming; however, with Sendible's user-friendly software, you don't have to. Based on thorough analysis and data-driven calculations, Sendible makes social media management efficient by automating the scheduling process while ensuring that your posts are published at the optimal times for maximum engagement.

The data behind optimal times

Optimal times are determined by considering all the profiles added under your user account that are eligible for report creation. These times are based on your posting history from the previous 30 days and prioritise the moments when your posts have received the highest engagements, including likes, comments and shares.

Please note: Optimal times are not and currently cannot be based on a specific profile.

But why would I need a scheduling tool when most social media channels already provide insights on the best time to post? While these social channels utilise analytics to gather data on post-performance at different times, it's not enough to maximise your social media strategy. Manually scheduling multiple pieces of content at those optimal times can be time-consuming and inefficient, especially if you manage multiple profiles or clients.

This is where a scheduling tool like Sendible comes in handy. Sendible not only provides you with insights on the best time to post, but it also automates the scheduling process, saving you time and effort. 


"There are some reporting features that are quite unique."

Rolf Jeger, Agency Director @ VOIMA


On all analytics tools, optimal times cannot be 100% accurate all of the time because various factors can influence the effectiveness of posting at specific times. While identifying the optimal posting times is crucial for maximising audience engagement and reach, it is important to recognise that it is not a magic solution.

As Sendible's system calculates optimal times based on all the profiles added under a user account, using these times may not be relevant for all users, like those managing a number of clients or similar through one user account. For more insights into optimal times, visit our support portal.

To tackle this challenge, we suggest creating separate user accounts for each client.

Wrapping it up

You're just in time! You now know how to use an essential Sendible feature to maximise your social media management efforts. Your next Instagram post shall be blessed with higher engagement rates and impressions.

By fully utilising the incredible features of Sendible and seamlessly integrating them into your social media strategy, you have the power to optimise your social media management, boost your brand's reputation, and foster deeper connections with your audience. 

So what are you waiting for, start for 14-day free Sendible trial today, go, go, go!

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