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LinkedIn Page Management Hacks for Business Success with Sendible

18 April, 2024
5 min read
Tricia Osazuwa

Even though Linkedin is known for its professional network, your presence there can and should still be fun and exciting. 

In this digital age, establishing a solid online presence for your business on a social network is crucial. LinkedIn has become a go-to platform for connecting with industry professionals, showcasing your brand, and attracting potential clients and talent.

That's why we're thrilled that Sendible offers different integration with LinkedIn, allowing for easier page management and content creation.

In this guide, we'll take you through the different ways to update and manage your LinkedIn company pages using key features within Sendible and explore the exciting world of LinkedIn company pages together.


Increase thought leadership on LinkedIn with Sendible.

Publish and schedule posts, respond to comments, and dive deep into your content performance. Utilise our built-in image editor and Canva integration for optimised visual content.

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What is a LinkedIn company page?

A LinkedIn Company Page, also known as a LinkedIn business page, lets you easily showcase your organisation on the platform.

It's a fantastic way for LinkedIn members to discover everything on your LinkedIn company page and LinkedIn profile about your business, company culture, company size, brand, job opportunities and offerings and to reach your target audience.

So, if you're looking for a way to share your company details and company website on different social channels, then this a great way to easily manage this new venture.

Benefits of managing a LinkedIn company page with Sendible

Why does using a social media management tool like Sendible make it easier to manage a LinkedIn page? Let's get into it.

Plan strategically and stay consistent

On the Sendible dashboard, users get a holistic view of all scheduled content allowing you to plan and schedule content that aligns with your Linkedin marketing strategy, product launches or campaigns whilst ensuring messaging is well-coordinated.

Performance tracking

Getting clients to see your services' impact on their social media presence is easy with Sendible's automated reports.

Track engagement metrics and best-performing content to understand what resonates best with your audience on each Linkedin page and gain deeper insights with data that helps refine your content strategy. 

Reach active users

There's no point in posting content when your target audience is disengaged. By analysing data and engagement metrics, Sendible suggests the most optimal time to publish your content, which increases the likelihood of reaching a larger audience on LinkedIn.

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Hit the ground running with a full demo or short video overviews showing you how to make the most of your social media management with Sendible.

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Comparison with other tools

Managing a LinkedIn company page requires a blend of specific features  and admin access  not all scheduling tools may have. Here's why Sendible could be the tool for you:

Become a hashtag wizz

With Sendible, you can easily save your favourite and frequently used hashtags. Incorporate trending hashtags into your Linkedin post to stay up-to-date with the fast-paced world of Linkedin. No more copying and pasting hashtags from previous posts so this can help keep your LinkedIn feed and LinkedIn ads up to date and relevant!

No password, no problem

A go-to feature for agencies on Sendible is client connect - the password share free access agencies get into their client's social media accounts for every team member to efficiently do their jobs and manage their social media.

Be the efficiency master

With Sendible, you can schedule a month's LinkedIn company page content  in minutes.

Bulk upload from a CSV file, add recurring posts to queues and use the dashboard's calendar with 300+ social media holidays to gain better engagement from LinkedIn users. Schedule content at scale effortlessly and get ahead without wasting time!

Holiday calendar by Sendible helps your create fun content for social media

Who can benefit from this feature?

If you're a social media agency member or work as a social media manager, managing LinkedIn company pages on Sendible is a total game-changer for you. Here's how:

Social media manager

Balancing multiple client LinkedIn company pages? Sendible's smart compose box ensures you can post to different client accounts simultaneously.


Maintaining an active LinkedIn company page presence is necessary for brand awareness. Sendible simplifies the process of logging into multiple LinkedIn accounts by allowing you to monitor your social inbox for mentions or comments directly from the tool, leaving you more time to focus on building a great business.

Social media agencies

Easily collaborate with team members on different client content with Sendible's built-in approval process.

Discover other eye-catching features:

Managing a LinkedIn company page takes a village of features, which, luckily for you, Sendible offers. Here are some stress-relieving features you can try when managing a LinkedIn business page ⬇️:

  • Approval process
  • Bulk upload
  • Custom and Quick Reporting
  • 300+ holiday content ideas
  • LinkedIn tagging
  • Canva integration

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Three actionable exercises for a LinkedIn company page

To make the most of managing LinkedIn company pages using Sendible, let's dive into some hands-on practical exercises.

Exercise #1 | Flaunt your Social Media Management skills with Custom Reporting

Creating a custom report for each client with Sendible can be a valuable way to showcase the results and effectiveness of your social media management efforts tailored to each client's unique needs.  We know that showing results is key in any industry so whether the company type you work with is an educational institution, government agency, public company, or a self employed guru, the data you show them will be top-notch in helping them make their social media business decisions. 


  1. Go to Reports and click on Report Builder.
  2. Name your report for your reference.
  3. Provide a title that will be displayed on the report's cover page.
  4. Use the Add Modules dialogue box to select the modules you want in your report.

Exercise #2 | Save time for scrolling with Bulk Upload

Sendible's Bulk Importer is a powerful tool that simplifies creating and scheduling multiple social media posts at once. It's especially valuable for social media managers looking to cut down time when scheduling content for multiple clients on a wide array of social platform options.


  1. Click the Bulk Import icon next to the Compose button at the top right of the dashboard.
  2. Use the Select Profiles field to choose the profiles you want the posts to be sent to from the drop-down menu.
  3. Type the message text directly into the provided fields if not importing from a CSV file.
  4. For scheduled imports, select the date and time for each message to be posted.

Exercise #3 | Stay #Relevant with Frequently used Hashtags

A convenient and time-saving feature designed to simplify the process of composing social media messages with hashtags in the Compose Box.This will help you stay on top of relevant keywords and be creative in portraying your brand voice.


  1. Go to Content.
  2. Choose My Content from the drop-down or left sidebar.
  3. Click Add Content.
  4. Select Social Media.
  5. Create a title like "Saved Hashtags" or "Saved Hashtags - Client X."
  6. Enter your desired hashtags, each separated by a space, starting with '#'. Avoid selecting hashtag suggestions that pop up.
  7. Click Add Content to save your hashtags. Repeat for more sets or clients.
LinkedIn Hashtag

Save frequently used hashtags

Check out our handy support article to learn how you can save hashtags that you frequently use to use to easily re-use in your posts.

Tap into LinkedIn: Free resources to give you a marketing edge

To continue building on your LinkedIn management skills with Sendible, we've created a ton of valuable resources for you to dive into:

Free editable template:

Blogs and Articles:

the ultimate linkedin audit checklist for pages and profiles - created by sendible

Wrapping it up

You made it. Well done! You've now become a LinkedIn account management expert using Sendible. You can now elevate your Linkedin management service of multiple accounts to a whole new level, boosting engagement and achieving impactful outcomes.

With Sendible's user-friendly interface, helpful admin tools,  in-depth analytics, and efficient planning tools, integrating LinkedIn management into your broader campaigns has never been easier. No more missed opportunities or last-minute panics. Take charge of your content like a pro, beat the LinkedIn algorithm, and connect with your audience.

As social media managers and agencies, time is precious. By streamlining your social media workflows from different social media platforms in Sendible, you can concentrate on what truly matters—building authentic connections with your prospective customers and reaching your business objectives.

So, what's holding you back? Dive into Sendible, explore LinkedIn account management features and unleash your skills. Let your LinkedIn pages and content shine, making a lasting impact on your followers.

Ready to take the next step? Begin your Sendible journey today with a 14-day free trial and experience the full potential of our LinkedIn account management service and social media management tools.


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