Instructional article covering:

  1. Creating a YouTube Channel from a Gmail Account
  2. Adding YouTube as a Service on Sendible
  3. Attaching a video from your YouTube Channel to a message
  4. Uploading a new Videos to YouTube

1. Creating a YouTube Channel from a Gmail Account

Before you add the service please check you already have a YouTube Channel, first log into YouTube and follow the steps below.

Figure 1. You will see this bar at the top once logged in. Now click on your email address, in this case its


Figure 2. Now you will see some extra functions, please click on "My Channel"


Figure 3. Once you click "My Channel" you should see this sort of page if you have a YouTube Channel attached to your account, if so skip to Figure 6, else follow YouTube’s instructions on setting up the Channel in Figure


Figure 4. Follow YouTube's instructions until you see a page like Figure 3



2. Adding YouTube as a Service on Sendible

Figure 6. Add YouTube Service from Photos & Video Tab, you will need a Google or YouTube account which has registered with YouTube (You can check this by logging into and going to “My Channel”


Figure 7. Google will ask for permission so that Sendible is able to access your YouTube account


Figure 8. Select the type of alerts you wish to receive and click "Save Settings"

3. Attaching a pre-existing video

Figure 9. Go to Message Box and click "Attach Video..."

Figure 10. After clicking "Attach Video...", this will pop up, selecting a video will turn the row green, then click "Attach" to add the video to compose box


Figure 11. The link preview pop up will now show, asking you whether you would like to "Attach Link Preview" (show preview in Facebook) or "Insert URL Only" (just insert as a link)


Figure 12. Clicking "Attach Link Preview" will add the preview and add a link in the textbox



4. Uploading Videos

Figure 13. Click "Attach Video...", and then click “Upload New Video”


Figure 14. YouTube requires you to send in details about the video, all fields are mandatory, click “Next” to go to select the video file you wish to send to upload to YouTube


Figure 15. Now select your video then click "Next" to start uploading


Figure 16. You should now see this page; it will show until all the video has been uploaded. The links on the page are for additional guidelines by YouTube, and how they might process your video. After the video is uploaded it will take some time for YouTube to process it, usually twice the timespan of your video.


Figure 17. Once uploading is complete, you should see the Link Preview pop up now. But the Thumbnail will show ellipsis "..." image, this is because YouTube is currently processing the video, if the video is successful the ellipsis image will be replaced with a picture of the first second of your video, however if the video is unsuccessful the thumbnail will not change.


It is recommended you do not send the message until you find out if the video processing has been successful, as the link will go to a YouTube page which will say the video is unavailable. Be aware that even after the video processing is successful, they may reject the video at a later date.

For information on how YouTube processes their videos and what sort of videos they will reject or require permission please read the following links :


Vishal Pindoriya

Vishal Pindoriya

Vishal Pindoriya is a social media enthusiast, strategist and writer. He lives in London, England and is particularly interested in the proliferation of social media around the world.


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