Pinterest is coming back

Katey Gold Katey Gold

🎉 Pinterest is coming back! 🎉

Pinterest has recently given us the green light to go ahead and add their service back to Sendible. We realize Pinterest is a platform many of you love, and have requested, so our development team are in the process of working on enabling Pinterest for all users. 💪

What now? 🤔

We are currently in the process of beta testing the Pinterest feature with a selected number of users, to ensure it is up to scratch before we release it to all of you. 

As soon as the Pinterest feature is working correctly we will release it - stay tuned for more in the coming weeks! 📣

Limitations 🚨

There is one limitation with this new integration and that is that this service will not be available for White Label plans as Pinterest does not allow us to create an unbranded app that would connect to their platform. Should this change, we will of course bring it to our White Label plans.