Increase Twitter followers with our new Twitter profiles search

We are pleased to announce our new Twitter profile search functionality is available within our social media management dashboard.

Sendible users can now easily find the exact Twitter profiles to follow and interact with them in one manageable stream. Create new opportunities and help substantially build your Twitter following and interact with key influencers, directly from the dashboard.


Benefits of the New Twitter Profile Search:

- Instantly discover Twitter users that match your target criteria
- Follow and interact with them directly from the dashboard
- Build a targeted list of Twitter followers
- Substantially increase your Twitter followers
- Discover competitors clients on Twitter and interact with them
- Discover Twitter users that like your company and interact with them (ideal for lead generation and customer retention)


Twitter Profile Search in Action:

A great example of this would be if coffee houses such as Starbucks would like to build their Twitter following by finding anyone that mentions coffee within their Twitter user profile description. Our new Twitter profile search feature will simply bring all these relevant users into one stream for easy interaction.


How to use Sendible’s New Twitter Profile Search:

1.) Once logged into Sendible visit the Services section, then click Add on the bottom right of the right under the Twitter logo.

2.) A pop-up box will appear where you can add your Twitter services. Click Twitter Profile Search.

3.) You will then be prompted to complete two fields, this is the Description of the profile search for your reference, and the Search Term. This can be one or multiple keywords.

4.) The profile search will then be set up. To view the stream Engage and then choose the appropriate Twitter Profile Search , you will then see the stream populate with your Twitter Profile Search.

5.) You can then engage directly with the Twitter user by clicking their Username on the right or the options available on the right.

Try a free trial of Sendible and see how our social media management solution can generate real ROI from your social media activities.

Luke Knight

Luke Knight

I’ve worked in marketing roles within the technology industry for over 10 years. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, socialising, watching live music, exploring London and attempting to hit the gym.


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