How to Manage Social Media for Multiple Clients with Sendible 360

Around 50% of Sendible's user base is made up of agencies and large enterprises who need the ability to easily create customizable dashboards for each of their brands/clients. At Sendible, we understand how important it is to be able to easily group multiple social media accounts together to be able to seamlessly manage the activity for each brand/client and generate individual reports for each segment.


For this reason, we've made it really easy to group social media accounts for multiple clients and create individual dashboards for each of your clients. In fact, Sendible has been designed for just that purpose.


Following on from this article, where we explained How to Add/Manage Multiple Users in Sendible Classic, I wanted to show you how you can do the same with the newly released, Sendible 360.


This article explains the best approach for managing social media for multiple clients in the new Sendible 360:

  1. If you haven't already done so, register for a multi-user  Sendible plan by going to If you're just starting out and only have one client to manage, we recommend starting with the Startup plan. However, if you're an established agency with multiple clients, then try our Premium plan.
  2. Once you've setup your own account, select Manage from the top bar and click on the Users menu item.
  3. Now, click the New User button to create a user.
  4. Enter your client's information and then click on Account from the left menu.
  5. For Profile, make sure you select Client from the drop-down.
  6. Now, click Create User.
  7. Be sure to repeat steps 3 - 6 until you've added all the client accounts you need to manage.
  8. Now, use the user selection list at the top of the dashboard to switch between client accounts.
  9. Switch to the first client's account and select +Services to add all of this client's social media accounts, streams and services.
  10. After adding the services, you may wish to share the services with your own account to make it easy for you to publish on behalf of your clients from your own admin account.
  11. Repeat step 9 and 10 for each of your other clients.


This article just scratches the surface and there are many more features available to help you better manage social media for multiple brands and/or clients. Please be sure to register for one of our Wednesday Webinars, where you'll see this in action as well as much more. Alternativeley, if you'd like to arrange a private session with one of our social media gurus, please use this form and someone will get back to you immediately.

Gavin Hammar

Gavin Hammar

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