Unlocking the Blue Check: The Definitive Instagram Verification Guide for Agencies

Unlocking the Blue Check: The Definitive Instagram Verification Guide for Agencies

2 November, 2023
9 min read
Freya Laskowski

Instagram verification has become an increasingly sought-after status symbol. Why? Verified accounts have a 30% higher engagement rate. 

As an agency social media manager, you navigate this on behalf of your clients. This guide dives deep into the intricacies of Instagram verification. We’ll shed light on your agency's pivotal role in this pursuit. 

Have you considered introducing verification to your clients or want to streamline the process? We’ve got you covered. This guide will ease any potential headaches and help you pave the way to Instagram verification success.

This ultimate guide on how to get verified on Instagram will cover:

Let’s get started.

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What is Instagram verification?

Instagram verification is a trust signal to the platform's vast user base. It confirms that an account is genuine and belongs to the person or entity it claims to represent. It’s marked by a white check inside a blue badge.

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This digital badge of authenticity holds immense value in an era when social media is a powerful tool for establishing and expanding one's online presence.

While Instagram's verification criteria have evolved, the underlying principle remains. Verification distinguishes between legitimate accounts and impersonators, counterfeit profiles, or fan pages. It’s designed to enhance the user experience on the platform.

Who can get verified on Instagram?

Being verified on Instagram shows authenticity and credibility. But only some are eligible for the coveted blue badge. Understanding the criteria for eligibility is essential before embarking on the journey to Instagram verification.

Any account seeking verification must abide by Instagram’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. Your account must be authentic, unique, public, and notable. Your client must belong to one of these categories:

  • Public figures and celebrities: Well-known individuals in various fields are eligible for verification. Entertainment, sports, politics, and others are prime candidates for verification. These individuals typically have a robust online presence and a large following.

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  • Brands and businesses: Verified status is not limited to individuals. It also extends to businesses and brands. If your agency manages the social media presence of a recognised company or organisation, you can assist them in seeking verification.
  • Journalists and media outlets: Media professionals and organisations can apply for Instagram verification. Verification helps to distinguish legitimate news from accounts that spread misinformation.
  • Influencers: Influencers with a significant following may also be verified. This category includes individuals who have built a solid personal brand and have an impact on their audience.
  • Online creators and artists: Instagram verification is not limited to traditional fame. Digital creators, artists, and content producers may also be eligible.

The critical factor across all these categories is recognizability. Instagram verifies accounts at risk of being impersonated or those with a significant following.

What is an agency's role in the verification process?

As an agency social media manager, you play a pivotal role in helping your clients navigate the verification process. Your expertise and guidance can significantly enhance their chances of acceptance. 

Here's an overview of your key responsibilities.

Proactive vs. reactive approach

With a proactive approach, your agency identifies clients who meet Instagram's verification criteria before they express interest. 

This involves two main steps. First, conduct a comprehensive assessment of a client's online presence. Second, look at their follower count, engagement rates, and alignment with Instagram's verification criteria. This basic data will help determine if they are a good candidate.

The reactive approach focuses on assisting clients who desire to be verified. Assess their eligibility. Then work with them to prepare for the verification process. Provide clients with personalised guidance based on their goals and existing online presence.


How to Package Social Media Services to Clients for Your Agency

Communicating the value of verification

Make sure your clients know the value of being verified on Instagram verification. Instagram verification goes beyond being a mere status symbol. It signifies credibility, trustworthiness, and authenticity online.  

Share with them these four benefits.

  • Boost credibility: Explain that a verified account holds more credibility in the eyes of its audience and collaborates. This trust can lead to stronger connections and enhanced reputation.
  • Enhance visibility: A verified account stands out in search results and recommendations. Users can then more easily find and engage your client's content.
  • Improve engagement: Share that verified accounts often experience 30% higher engagement rate. This means more likes, comments, and shares, helping your clients better connect with their audience.
  • Protection against impersonation: Emphasize that verification shields your client from impersonation. This is a huge benefit for risk management. Verification reduces the risk of fraudulent accounts trying to deceive others in their name.

Your clients need to know verification is a strategic move to bolster their online presence and influence. Once they see these benefits, they’ll be on board. It’s your role to inspire your clients to pursue Instagram verification. 

Documentation assistance

Providing the necessary documentation is a critical step to being verified. This is to prove the authenticity of your client's account. As an agency, your job is to guide clients through this documentation phase. 

To succeed in this, remember these four things.

  • Required documents: Ensure your clients have access to the necessary documents. They will need a government-issued ID, articles of incorporation for businesses, and/or evidence of media coverage for public figures.
  • Document verification: Assist your clients in verifying that their documentation meets Instagram's guidelines. Ensure all documents are up-to-date and free of errors. Any discrepancies might raise questions during the verification process.
  • Document organisation: Help your clients gather and organise the required documentation. This includes providing clear, high-quality scans or images to submit with the verification application.
  • Accuracy and completeness: Stress the importance of providing accurate and complete information. Ensure that all information on the documents matches the details on the Instagram account. Failure to do this may result in a delay or rejection.

Submission and post-decision support

So your client's application for Instagram verification is complete. Now it’s time to submit. Then, you need to provide post-decision support, no matter the answer. Agencies play a pivotal in both these stages. 

There are three aspects to the submission process. 

  • Guided submission: Assist your clients in navigating the Instagram verification application process. Ensure they complete all required fields accurately, provide the necessary documentation, and submit the application correctly.
  • Quality assurance: Review the submission to verify that all information is consistent and up-to-date. This includes confirming that the documentation aligns with the details provided in the application.
  • Timely submission: Ensure that the application is submitted at the right time. Consider factors such as your client's level of online influence, audience engagement, and content quality.

You’ll also need to help them navigate the post-submission waters. Here’s what to focus on. 

  • Monitoring progress: After submission, watch the status of the verification request. This includes keeping track of any updates or requests from Instagram during the review process.
  • Follow-up communication: In the event of any inquiries or requests from Instagram, respond promptly and professionally on behalf of your client. Timely and accurate responses can positively influence the verification decision.
  • Recovery from rejection: If your client's verification request is declined, guide the next steps. This might include suggestions for improving their online presence and engagement before reapplying.
  • Ongoing strategy: Even after successful verification, continue working with your clients. Collaborate to develop an ongoing strategy for maintaining their verified status. This strategy may involve content optimisation, audience engagement, and leveraging verification benefits for their specific goals.

By offering submission and post-decision support, you can help ensure a smooth verification process and maximise your client's chances of success.

How to get verified on Instagram in 5 simple steps

Applying for verification on Instagram is simple. Here are the five steps you need to complete.

Step 1: Log into your Instagram account

Ensure that you are logged in to the specific account for which you wish to request a verified badge. To access your profile, tap on your picture in the Instagram app's bottom right corner.

Step 2: Navigate to the verification request

Once on your profile, tap the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) in the top right, then tap Settings and Privacy.

Right below For professionals, tap Account type and tools.

Step 3: Request verification 

Now tap Request Verification. Easy right?

Step 4: Provide Your Information 

At this point, you must supply details for your profile and business. This typically includes:

  • Your full name (or business name)
  • Verification of your identity using a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license
  • Official business documents, including registration papers or utility bills
  • Demonstrating your notability by selecting your industry category and target audience. You'll also need to list any other brand names you are known by.
  • Supporting links that show your notability. You may suggest links to other verified social media accounts, press releases featuring your brand, your website, or other non-promotional links.

Step 5: Submit

Once you've completed filling in the verification application details, tap the Submit button. Congratulations, your request has been successfully submitted.

As Instagram notes, even if your account is eligible for verification, it doesn’t mean you’re a lock to get approved. Instagram will notify you about the status within approximately 30 days. Be sure to check your inbox for updates.  If approved, you will promptly receive the coveted Instagram verification badge.

What if your client isn’t approved? We’ll cover that in a moment. 

11 tips to help your clients get verified on Instagram

Anyone can get verified on Instagram, but it’s no easy feat. Here are 11 tips to increase the likelihood that your client gets verified. 

1. Never buy an Instagram verification badge for your client

Purchasing a verification badge or trying to take another shortcut is against Instagram's rules. It may also lead to a permanent ban for your client. Warn your clients against scams that promise quick verification through dishonesty. The only path to verification is by following Instagram's requirements and maintaining a genuine online presence.

2. Remove links to other social media

Streamline your client's Instagram bio by removing links to other social media profiles. This simplification creates a cleaner, more professional appearance and minimises confusion, facilitating verification. Want to link to other profiles anyway? Use a single like, like LinkTree, that houses all your important links, including social profiles. 


how-to-get-verified-on-instagram-smegImage source: @smegusa

3. Build all your social profiles

Encourage your clients to establish a consistent online presence across social platforms. This reinforces their authenticity and credibility. By having active profiles on other platforms, your clients prove they are genuine entities with a broad digital footprint. Instagram looks for this in verification candidates. It's like building a comprehensive digital portfolio.

4. Optimise your client’s profile and bio

Help your clients create a complete and informative Instagram profile. A well-constructed bio with a clear description, contact information, and relevant keywords is crucial. It aids Instagram's verification team understand your client's identity and purpose.


how-to-get-verified-on-instagram-bbc-newsImage source: @bbcnews

5. Create quality, original content

Encourage your clients to prioritise producing top-notch, original Instagram content. Help them learn how to create eye-catching Stories and Reels. Consistency in style, content, and aesthetics is key. That will engage their audience and show Instagram that your client is a credible content creator.

6. Boost your client's online value

Your client’s Instagram content matters. But so does their content on other platforms, including their website. Guide your clients in enhancing their online value by creating meaningful, valuable content. This strengthens their digital footprint and makes them more appealing for Instagram verification. Quality over quantity matters.

7. Grow and engage your client’s following

Emphasise the importance of growing and engaging your client's follower base. All growth should be organic. No buying followers! Instagram values authentic connections and interactions. Proper engagement increases your client's chances of verification.

8. Apply at the right time

Timing is crucial. Applying for verification when your client's online presence is at its peak can increase their chances of success. Seasoned accounts with consistent engagement are more likely to get verified.

9. Follow community guidelines and avoid violations

Ensure your client's Instagram activities adhere to the platform's community guidelines. Avoid any violations which could jeopardise the verification process.

10. Be honest in your client’s application

Honesty is the best policy. Encourage your clients to provide accurate and truthful information in their verification applications. Misrepresentation or exaggeration can lead to rejection.

11. Be patient

The verification process may take time. Tell your clients to be patient and not be disheartened by potential delays. Consistency and quality in their online presence will pay off in the long run.

Eventually, this is the message you hope to see.

how-to-get-verified-on-instagram-confirmationImage source: Status Brew

What should you do if your client can’t get verified?

how-to-get-verified-on-instagram-not-verifiedImage source: Status Brew

Instagram verification is a goal worth pursuing. But not everyone succeeds on their first attempt. If your client's verification request is denied, here's what to do.

  • Review and refine: Take a closer look at your client's online presence and the reasons for rejection. Identify areas for improvement. Whether it's increasing their follower count, engagement, or content quality, even small changes can help.
  • Address feedback: If Instagram provided feedback in the rejection notice, address those issues. You may need to change your client's profile and content significantly.
  • Maintain consistency: Maintain a consistent, authentic online presence. Quality content and genuine engagement can improve your client's future chances of verification.
  • Build influence: Focus on growing your clients' online influence by expanding their reach. Fostering meaningful connections with their audience will help as well.
  • Reapply when ready: Consider reapplying once your client has improved to meet Instagram's criteria. Patience and perseverance often pay off.

Instagram verification is a valuable goal. But it’s not the only measure of success. Encourage your clients to stay committed to their online goals, regardless of the verification outcome.

Wrapping it up

Instagram verification is a powerful tool for enhancing your clients' digital presence. The coveted blue checkmark isn't just a status symbol. It’s a key to unlocking higher engagement, visibility, and growth. As an agency social media manager, your role is crucial. 

Even though anyone can get verified, it’s not a guarantee. Our 11 tips will help you increase the likelihood of success. But if verification remains elusive, remember it's not the journey's end. Adapt, persist, and keep your client's goals in sight.

Now that you know how to get verified on Instagram, get started helping your client! Download our free Instagram Audit Checklist to help you cover every detail on the road to being verified. Then get Sendible’s Instagram publishing tool to simplify your workflow and get actionable insights.