We all know how important it is to get out content out there, to share it with as many relevant people as we can and to create some sort of reaction to it that can be measured. Enter social media influencers, and the role they play in brand awareness, lead generation and promoting our own content aspirations. We know that there are lots of people out there who either are social influencers, or are trying very hard to become social media influencers. And the truth is that some of these people really do have immense reach and can positively (or negatively) impact on the achievement of our business goals.

Sharing content is definitely one way for aspiring social influencers to get ahead, among other things. The question isn't whether or not we should consider social influencers in our content and social media strategy, but rather if are we  measuring influence (and by default understanding who our influencers are) properly? After careful consideration over time, it seems that our knee-jerk reaction to measuring the impact  of our content is to look at the number of people who have shared it, how many times it has been reposted, retweeted, liked, commented on and so on or how many followers the people who shared it have. That's how you can sort of kind of understand your content's reach right? Klout score seems to be a sufficient (if not revolutionary!) way for us to identify who the biggest influencers in our industry are.

Or is it? Sendible has joined forced with Majestic to provide our users with a social media influencer tool that goes beyond Klout and likes to the real core issues of influence. Sendible has integrated Majestic's new Trust Flow Score to it's dashboard, allowing Sendible users to instantly understand the trust associated with a Twitter profile. What does this mean? Simply put, how much is this person trusted (trustworthiness), and not necessarily just followed. Quality over quantity. Check it our below in our joint webinar, where all is explained.




Stacey Berold-Kutscher

Stacey Berold-Kutscher

A content and cupcake enthusiast who enjoys reading, writing and losing myself in nonsense TV shows. Lover of, and believer in, the written word. And with a whole lot of Digital and Inbound Marketing experience too.


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