How to Use Videos in Social Media Marketing

18 August, 2015
2 min read
Monique Rivers

Using videos is a fun and easy way to let people know about your products. Thanks the internet, you don’t need studio budgets to make videos for marketing. All you need is a camera and a social media account, and you are good to go. Social networking websites allow a lot of video options that can help you boost your audience. Instagram offers a wide variety of features that can help you make your 15-second videos (less is more on the internet) more engaging. You can also edit your videos, use filters, choose your graphics and most important of all, reach out and spread the word to a massive audience.

Here are a few efficient ways on how to use videos in social media marketing:

How-to Videos

One of the best ways of marketing your brand with the help of videos is to teach the audience how to use your product. Offer short snippets on how the product works and enlighten people on its usage. This will awaken the need for your product in the lives of people. Make your videos as useful as possible. Shoot a small demo and answer FAQs, show people why they need your product and how it can make their lives much easier.

Showcase your Work

Create a visual portfolio of your work. Shoot videos to show what you have recently done for your clients. Allow potential customers to have a view of what you are offering. This is a great way of spreading the word. If you are an artist, showcase your art, if you are a makeup artist, allow people a glimpse of your fabulous makeovers.

Promote Discounts and Offers

Moving on, you can use your videos to highlight promotional discounts and offers. Everybody loves availing a good discount and social media websites make it easier for you to create awareness of your brand in this manner. Post a video and in just about a few minutes you will have people sharing your video all over Facebook.

Celebrate Events

Clever brands are sure to be using effective marketing strategies to boost up their revenues during the important calendar events. Make a mark of all the popular events and be sure to post a short video celebrating the event whilst featuring your product. People love a friendly face and will be elated to see you so be sure to spread the joy.

Launch Teasers for Your New Product

Use your videos to post teasers of your new product. Be sure to highlight its special features, making the new product look unique and interesting. This will help to create hype and generate a curiosity among the audience on social media websites.

Post Video Testimonials to your Page

Ask your clients to send you their video testimonials. This allows viewers to connect with your brand and they will feel more confident and interactive in sharing their views about your product. This will create more activity on your webpage and will also help you in generating a wider audience.

Use Whatever you Have

Finally, do not worry if you do not have a big budget for creating your videos. Just try to be innovative with whatever you have. You can make an engaging and helpful video by just using a few props or even a friendly face. Get creative, customers appreciate things that are new and exciting so do not be afraid to think outside the box. But once again, this is not a general rule. In the long-run, you will have to invest in quality production to gain competitive advantage.

Level-up your social media.

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