Sendible's new Response Time Reports

Managing your team and their activities using a social media management tool can be challenging. Tools can help you schedule posts in advance, engage with audiences and respond to customer enquiries. But with a large workload, it can be difficult to follow through with all unresolved enquiries.

With Sendible, it’s possible to assign tasks to team members; this could be another fellow marketer, your support team, or even sales. To assign a task, simply click on the top right corner of any social media post (on your stream or monitoring service) and then assign it to a team member. The assignee will get a notification in the application as well as an email.

Assigning tasks in Sendible

It's useful to assign tasks even if there are only two people in your team. You can even assign tasks to yourself to track your own performance and keep your Priority Inbox organized.

So, to further enhance our reports and make it easier for larger teams to manage workflow, we’ve now added Response Time Reports. These reports allow managers to view the rate at which team members complete tasks as well as their response rate by date, hour or weekday.

How to use Response Time Reports in Sendible

  1. Go to the Report Builder and click ‘add modules’ (or create a new report first if you choose)
  2. The new reports can be found under the tab General Reports:
    - Task Completion Rate
    - Response Rates by Date
    - Response Rates by Hour
    - Response Rates by WeekdayReport modules in Sendible
  3. Once added, the reports can be dragged and dropped in the desired position.

The new reports look as follows

  • Task Completion Rate 

Report module: Task Completion Rate

  • Response Rates by Date

Report Module: Response Rates By Date

  • Response Rates by Hour

Report Module: Response Rates by Hour

  • Response Rates by Weekday

Report Module: Response Rates by Weekday

Veronika Baranovska

Veronika Baranovska

Resident marketer at Sendible. Into social media and blogging for more than six years and well-versed in all digital marketing channels. My biggest daily driver is creating useful content that helps others grow and saves their time, so if it does for you, let me know on Twitter or Linkedin!


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