Prefix your links in Sendible Compose Box
Happy Friday! We hope you are all having a great end-of-week. Here at the Sendible HQ in London we’ve been working extra hard on some exciting new features to be released soon. For now though, we thought we’d clue you in on a feature we released this week, which we think will make posting links even easier.

We recently noticed that some of our users have not been adding the prefix “http://” to links when posting. This meant that they were not able to use all of the features we provide in the compose box, such as link shortening or preview generation. In an effort to make things as clear as possible, we thought we’d implement a feature to alert users of the correct prefixing to use when  customizing links.

We’ve added a notification to the compose box which will appear if you enter a link without the correct prefixing. The notification will explain that if you wish to use all link features, you will need to add “http://’ to the front of your URL.

 1) Select ‘Compose’ and type your message, including your link2) If a link does not have http:// prefixed, a red dot will pulsate on the bottom, right hand corner of the text area

3) If you hover over this dot, a message will appear; reminding you to prefix links with “http://” if you wish to shorten links, or generate link previews

We hope you find this helpful when using links in your posts. If you have any other requests we’d love to hear them, so message us at!

If you are not already a part of Sendible, sign up for a free trial at

Leanne Clements

Leanne Clements

Leanne has a passion for technology and social media. She has a growing interest in writing and is keen to study the impact of social media on technology.


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