9 Reasons You Should NOT Be Using A Social Media Management Platform

With so many social media management tools cropping up all over the place and prices ranging from tens of dollars to thousands of dollars, you need to be asking yourself, “Does my company really need to use a social media management tool?”

Here are 9 reasons you should NOT be using social media management software:

  1. You are not concerned that your competitors have an edge over you by using tools to find prospects, respond to customers and monitor their social media reputation online.

  2. You thrive on spending valuable time signing into each social network individually every time you want to send out a post and respond to a comment.

  3. You enjoy monitoring your brand reputation by manually signing into Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google News, Blogs and other sites to search and respond to mentions of your company.

  4. You have no problem manually creating reports and proving ROI on your social media activity by visiting each of your social network accounts daily and laboriously copying the day’s results into Excel.

  5. You take pride in using multiple Excel and Word documents to create and manage content to help execute your social media strategy.

  6. You are not concerned with security and are happy to share your Twitter and Facebook login details with interns and other employees in your company.

  7. You enjoy constantly jumping between multiple social media streams to read and respond to activity on your social media profiles.

  8. You like posting the full URL to content you’re sharing and don’t really care how many people are clicking the links you share.

  9. You don't really understand the benefits of social media and the value it brings to businesses of all sizes.

If any of the 9 points listed above sounds like you, we would love to talk. Sendible’s Enterprise-level tools help thousands of businesses just like yours to generate real results on social media for a fraction of the cost of hiring a PR agency.

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Gavin Hammar

Gavin Hammar

Tech entrepreneur, software developer and founder of Sendible.com.


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