Schedule & Tell: Hottest trends in social media management.

How to maximise a social media management tool for social media success in 2024.

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Every superhero needs a sidekick and for social media managers, Sendible is theirs.

For us to truly see the impact of having a trusted social media partner, we spammed our engineering team to dig into the usage of our social media management tool. And let me tell you, we have some juicy results to share!


In this report, we’ll uncover how (much) marketers use third party scheduling tools to skyrocket their social media. And of course share some best practices for using a social media management tool like Sendible for social media success in 2024.

We’re not going to make you wait any longer... let’s dive in.

Posts Scheduled in 2023

Let’s start this off with a bang shall we?

At Sendible, we are incredibly proud of our mission to assist social media managers, agencies, and marketers in developing a vibrant, continuously growing social media presence. So, when we uncovered the staggering volume of scheduled posts within a year, it really did warm our hearts. Shout out to all our customers. 💜

Okay, enough soppiness.


based on Sendible results from Jan - Nov 2023

With over

7 million

posts scheduled in 2023, it's clear that our platform has become a must-have tool for social media professionals worldwide.

Having a centralised platform for managing social media channels, empowers marketers to effortlessly distribute their content across multiple platforms and effectively reach their target audience.

Disclaimer - this is 7 million compose box messages (the amount of times messages were sent using the compose box), if we gave out the specific total amount of messages sent with Sendible the legal team would be spamming us 🙃.

So what can we learn from this?

Schedule. Your. Content.

If this number doesn't persuade you that you need a social media management tool like Sendible, we've got some more juicy stats for you!

costco has nothing on social media managers

1.2 million posts were bulk uploaded and scheduled using Sendible.

Imagine posting that manually? It would probably take longer than it took Elon to take over Twitter, oops X, right?


This feature not only streamlines the process of scheduling but also allows marketers to focus on other essential aspects of their job, like creating engaging content, analysing performance metrics and scrolling on TikTok.

With Sendible, social media managers can confidently navigate the ever-evolving world of social media marketing, knowing that their posts are being efficiently handled and posted across various platforms in Bulk.

So, if you’re someone who has social media at the bottom of their to-do list because it takes too long, this is the feature for you.

p.s Agencies looove this feature, it saves them so much time when managing different clients all at once.

“We have literally saved about 50% of our time previously spent on social media management by using Sendible”

Scott Cox, Founder @ Social Reach

Save time with enhanced bulk uploads and approval requests


Half a million messages were sent for approval using Sendible.

Approvals have always been a customer favourite when using Sendible, and it's not hard to see why.


With the ability to send messages for approval directly through the platform, social media managers can streamline their workflow and eliminate the need for endless back-and-forth emails.

This feature not only saves time, but it also ensures clear communication with clients and allows for easy collaboration on social media content.

By centralising the approval process on one platform, social media marketers efficiently manage client feedback before scheduling posts and do not have clients coming for their necks!

Learn more Icon Right-1

bulbTip: highlight your effortless approval process using Sendible as a key selling point during client onboarding.


6.2 million+ messages were sent to Facebook

We’re as shocked as you! 😲 Everyone claims Facebook is dead and no one uses it, but apparently not.


The platform continues to be one of the most popular and widely used (and scheduled to) social media channels. With billions of active users, it's clear that Facebook is still a powerhouse in the social media world.

Why is Facebook still so important? Well, the 6million messages scheduled speaks for itself - people are active on there.

Whether it's connecting with friends and family, joining groups and communities, or following their favourite brands and influencers, Facebook offers a vast audience and lots of engagement opportunities.

So add to your 2024 goals if you haven’t already: Post to Facebook.

Post per channel






We know Facebook won the scheduled content award, but what about the others? What type of content should social media marketers be prioritising?

Here are some ideas for the top 3 social channels:

Frame 15464Share a business milestone with your followers

Frame 15464Test post: Unpopular/ Controversial opinion in your niche

Frame 15464Reel: Share ten ways to achieve ___________

Frame 15464Carousel: Favourite tools you use in your business as a (your role)

Frame 15464Reel: A Day in the Life of ____
(you wouldn’t need a trending sound to schedule this 😉)

Frame 15464Carousel: When you first started in your business  vs. where you are now

Frame 15464Ask a question in a poll format: Twitter works excellently for receiving opinions.

Frame 15464Post a meme: Twitter always works great for them

Frame 15464Schedule your favourite quote to motivate followers

What did we learn from this?

Scale your social media management in 2024.

Now that we’ve unveiled the major highlights, it’s time to take a look at some juicy stats.

What type of content dominated scheduled posts?

Instagram Carousel



IG Reels



Carousels are King! 👑

Over half of all scheduled content were Instagram Image carousels. This is not so surprising as carousels offer a versatile and engaging format that can effectively capture users' attention and drive higher engagement rates.

Plus, they’re nice to look at.

Schedule a carouselicon-1

We all know that short-form video content dominates social media platforms nowadays. However, you might be wondering why this trend isn't reflected in scheduled posts.

Well, the answer is quite simple - Instagram's API limitations restrict third-party tools from scheduling reels with trending sounds. However, a secret feature not included in these results are Instagram Reminders. Sendible users can set reminders to post their reels with trending audio using our tool, keeping them organised.

How to incorporate these findings into your 2024 social media strategy.

Frame 15464Continue scheduling Instagram carousels

Frame 15464Schedule short-form videos which do not require trending sounds

Frame 15464Test out other posting formats to stand out

what day was content scheduled most?

On Wednesday’s, we wear pink, we schedule content

What’s so special about Wednesdays?

We don’t know, either. But we now know it’s a highly competitive day for posting content on social media.

Best day to schedule content for

















Every social media manager is on the hunt for audience engagement and searching for ways to boost it.

Strategic content scheduling is crucial for maximising engagement and reach. Mondays set the tone for the week, Wednesdays offer light-hearted and entertaining content (this could explain these results), and Fridays showcase a relaxed and fun side to a brand. 

By strategically choosing posting days, social media managers can create meaningful connections with their audience.


Explore alternative scheduling days to maximise reach and engagement.

Luckily for you, social media management tools like Sendible offer an optimal time feature that suggests the best times to publish based on audience behaviour, ensuring content reaches the audience at the most opportune moments for higher engagement.

Social Media Management made Easy.

social media managers love, love

The peak number of posts was sent on Valentine’s Day.

Who would have thought? Social media marketers seem to love the holidays. And why wouldn't they?


Holidays provide the perfect opportunity for brands to connect with their audience more personally and emotionally.

By aligning content with popular occasions like Valentine's Day, social media managers tap into the collective sentiment and capitalise on the holiday's increased interest.

Sendible’s users are reminded of upcoming holidays with its built-in Holiday Calendar, making scheduling content for the holidays a breeze.

Basically, we’ve made it super easy for Sendible users you to celebrate holidays on social media so they have no excuse 😉.

What did we learn from this?

Celebrate Holidays on social media

Access 360+ holiday content ideas with Sendible.

you’ve reached the end :(

Let’s end this with a bang too.

This trend report on the user usage of Sendible provides valuable insights that can assist you in developing your social media strategy for 2024.

The data shows a consistent increase in scheduled Facebook content, indicating a growing opportunity for social media marketers to reach new audiences on a daily basis.

The ease of approvals has improved client relationship management, while bulk upload has significantly reduced the time spent on manual posting for social media marketers.

Make 2024 the year you take control of your social media and tick off these virtual non-negotiables of a social media management tool with us:

Frame 15464Approvals

Frame 15464Bulk Uploads

Frame 15464All major social media platforms

Frame 15464Built-in holiday calendar

Happy Scheduling 💜