Twitter Character Limit No Longer Counts Attachments

22 September, 2016
1 min read
Veronika Vebere

Changes to the Twitter character limit were reported back in May and now these changes are taking place - we as ever, are ahead of the game!

All rich media attachments no longer count towards the iconic Twitter character limit of 140 characters. It’s a new day for this social media network that opens up a lot of new opportunities for businesses using Twitter.

Best part? You can already take advantage of this new update on our social media management tool, thanks to our agile, hard-working developers.


Attachments no longer count towards the Twitter character limit

This piece of news was covered by many major news outlets while Twitter opted for announcing it with a simple tweet. Images, videos, gifs and polls can now all be added to a tweet without having to worry about character limitations.

Up until now attachments used to take 24 characters, meaning that there were only 116 characters left to convey an informative and/or entertaining thought. Twitter’s 140-character limit has been especially rough on businesses due to the nature of their tweets( opposed to personal) and the ever-growing requirement to also add a link to encourage their audience to take an action.


To use this feature in Sendible, simply:

  1. Navigate to your compose box.
  2. Select a Twitter posting service.
  3. Compose your tweet and add up to 4 images or a video.
  4. Notice that these attachments don’t count towards the limit.
  5. Add a relevant hashtag to your tweet and choose the sending time.
  6. Click Schedule and voila! Your first “long” tweet has been scheduled.

Hope you get inspired by this change - there are no more excuses for not adding visual content to your posts! As reported by Twitter, tweets that include an image get 35% more retweets and videos get a 28% boost in engagement.

This is probably the best time to remind you that you can send long direct messages to your followers on Twitter via Sendible. More changes are coming to Twitter soon, so stay up to date by subscribing to our newsletter.

Sendible provides you with all the necessary tools to help you to better engage with your Twitter followers, but it can do so much more than just that. Why not give our social media management software a spin, completely free for 30 days?

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