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The Sendible Dashboard is your all-in-one platform for managing real estate social media. Schedule social media posts, curate property listings with Canva integration, and collaborate seamlessly with your team all on one platform.


Centralise your inbox to ensure prompt responses, and utilise automated reporting to measure campaign success. 


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Keep your content real


Customise your social media management to meet specific agent needs with the Sendible Calendar. Ensure efficient scheduling and posting while maintaining a seamless workflow.


Utilise calendar views and filters to consolidate all profiles under a single calendar, group profiles, or assign each one its own calendar. Apply secure SSO (single sign-on) to prevent password sharing and easily manage user access.


Scale your Instagram marketing.


Seamless teamwork for real estate


. Assign and approve social media posts, grant custom access to agents or  team members, and manage tasks effortlessly. Use shared content libraries for brand assets and hashtags. Approve posts before scheduling and create custom user permission groups. Save time and increase productivity with Sendible.


Set up comprehensive team collaboration systems and customise access to each user's dashboard and publishing abilities. Automate approval workflows and restrict users to requiring approval on any post they schedule.

Easily collaborate with your team on brand growth.


Data-driven insights for real estate agents


Generate detailed reports to measure social media campaign success and track property listing engagement to refine strategies.


Automating reports eliminates the need for manually sending out reports or missing reporting deadlines, freeing up time for marketers to focus on strategic tasks.


Deliver a winning social media strategy.


Create compelling content with Sendible

Instagram Reporting

Use the content library for consistent communication and employ AI Assist to generate engaging posts effortlessly. Utilise campaigns to track and report on content across social networks.


Maximise reach by scheduling posts at optimal times and stay informed with RSS feeds for community and industry news. Boost engagement and save time.

Deliver a winning social media strategy.


Simplify Content Scheduling


Sendible's bulk schedule feature allows real estate agents to schedule numerous posts simultaneously, saving time and effort. This is essential for managing multiple departments, programs, or events, simplifying content distribution and scheduling.


Use our bulk scheduler and CSV uploads to plan campaigns weeks or months in advance. Employ smart queues to post content on pre-set schedules and group campaigns around key academic dates and events. Repurpose content by setting up repeating posts with start and end dates. Maximise reach and engagement with optimal timing, freeing up time for strategic planning and analysis.

Deliver a winning social media strategy.


Get support in real time

Reliable human support

Our customer success onboarding and training programmes guarantee you'll be equipped for success from the moment you start. Want more? With a dedicated customer success manager at your service, your social media strategy is in capable hands. 

Yes, Sendible can help you generate real estate leads by enhancing your social media reach. Our platform allows you to schedule engaging posts, showcase property listings, and interact with potential buyers and sellers. By maintaining a consistent and active presence on social media, you can attract more leads and convert them into clients.
Absolutely! Sendible offers a variety of tools to help you generate content ideas. You can use our AI Assist feature to create engaging posts, access shared content libraries for brand assets and popular hashtags, and stay updated with RSS feeds for industry, competitor, and local news. These resources ensure that you always have fresh, relevant content for your real estate page.

Yes, Sendible can assist you in developing and executing a robust social media strategy for your real estate business. Our platform provides insights from detailed reports, tracks engagement metrics, and helps you refine your content strategies. By leveraging our tools, you can plan effective campaigns, target specific audiences, and improve your overall social media performance.

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Create engaging designs for platforms like Instagram within Sendible and access all pre-made visuals with a Canva Pro subscription.

Image Editor

Use our built-in editor to crop and optimise your images to suit each social media platform's ratio requirements.

RSS Feeds

Follow your trusted RSS feeds and publish relevant quality content to social networks at regular intervals throughout the day or as and when new articles are published.

Bulk Importing

It can make more sense to plan your content in bulk. Quickly prepare and import a CSV file or create posts in bulk directly in your dashboard.

Content Suggestions

Browse through fresh content on popular topics and share the most relevant pieces on your client's social media accounts.

Media Integrations

Source fun, royalty-free content with GIPHY and Pexels to engage your audience. Access existing content with our DropBox and Google Drive integrations.

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